Fried Galunggong for the First Friday of Lent 2009

Fried Galunggong

Today is the first Friday of lent for the year 2009. During friday’s and the whole holy week, Roman Catholics practice the virtue of fasting and abstinence. We fast by eating just one full meal a day while the rest of the meals should be lesser than the usual. It is also a day where one abstains from meat – be it pork, beef, chicken, veal or any other type. During these days, fish and vegetables are often consumed.

I got some Galunggong (Mackerel) from Assi Plaza, a local korean store just north of Chicago. When I arrived home this afternoon, I cleaned and salted the fish then directly placed it in a pan where the hot and impatient cooking oil is waiting. I like this fish crispy fried because of the texture similar to chicharon (fried pork rinds) which gives it a little crunchiness and somewhat eliminates the fishy aftertaste. As for the dipping sauce, I just squeezed some lemon to the bagoong balayan (anchovy sauce) and voila! There I have it, crispy galunggong with bagoong balayan. Simple yet satisfying.


  1. romano says

    hello Vanjo! i love cooking too, it is my passion. i want to be a chef but it is too expensive!Thanks God there is Youtube, and the Panlasang Pinoy! I have experienced in Japanese Cooking, and have worked in Philippine Restaurant, Disco & Pub, but as a cook helper only. I still have many things to learn, and thank you for being unselfish and sharing everything you know to us through the Youtube. More power and success to you and to the mysterious hands who assists you in cooking! :-)

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