Burger and Bratwurst, anyone?

Care for some burger and bratwurst?  There are some days when I don’t feel like eating rice. During these days, I usually have subs or sandwiches. Today, I found some burgers and bratwurst in the freezer. I thought of giving em a quick grill.

Burger and Brtwurst

I would assume that most of you know how to grill burgers. We just put it on the hot grill, add some spices, baste it (sometimes), and flip it when the other side is done (pretty much like grilling liempo (pork belly)). How about preparing bratwurst before grilling?

I don’t grill bratwurst right away. I usually do it the German way,parboil it first in beer with onions and butter. Sounds interesting? well, its time for you to give it a try.


  1. azucena gehring says:

    I just want to thank Panlasang Pinoy for all the recipies it has published. Having left the PI when I was young, I did not know how to cook a lot of the PI foods. Now if I want to cook a new dish, I go to Panlasang Pinoy on line.

  2. arnold says:

    Kuya…i have tried some of your recipes already even your puto and kunsinta…. my family and i enjoy them. Very simple and well explained. Next time i get hold of Bratwurts i will try your suggestion. Thanks

  3. we usually boil sausages first too but in beer onions and butter…hmmm sounds interesting!

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