Go Roma’s Sun-Dried Tomato & Goat Cheese Pizza


Pizza has now become a common food here in North America. There are different varieties that we can grab anytime and almost anywhere. While some address it as their comfort food, there are others who had enough and would rather have something else either because the flavor has been the same over and over or because of health reasons. Pizza restaurants (or pizza parlors) are aware of this that is why they are introducing an array of new pizza varieties for their customers.

I stumbled upon a delightful pizza variety during a friend’s birthday lunch-out. It was my first time to try the Sun-Dried Tomato & Goat Cheese Pizza of Go Roma and I found it to be a much healthier alternative compared to the common pizza available. The hand stretched crust of this artisan pizza is not greasy at all. It also tastes great; I would say that the goat cheese complimented the sun dried tomato or probably the other way around. Spinach and black olives are also arranged well over the crust. I am a certified carnivore but at this point I can say that not all good food necessarily needs to have meat.

As for the cost, Half Plank sells for $ 7.99 (good for 1-2 persons) and a Full plank is $ 13.99 (good 3-4 persons).

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  1. Your website is amazing! Its so easy to follow! I learned more the visual way rather than reading. Its great to see a video and written steps on the recipe! It makes my life easier and I am more confident to cook because you show every step of the recipe! Again such a fanstastic website and I hope to see more!
    Lyn (San Francisco)

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