What to do with your Leftover Ham

The holidays have passed by and chances are that some of us might have some (or lots) of leftover foods stocked in the fridge. Sure, we don’t want these foods to go to waste that is why we try to dig in to them little by little until everything is gone.

The statement above applies to most prepared leftovers such as stews, pasta, and dessert. What about the traditional holiday food that we call “ham”? There is no doubt that leftover ham still taste good but I think that it will taste even better if we hype it up a little. Since this is just the start of the year and we all got tired in preparing our special holiday dishes, I’ll just be presenting very simple ideas that we can do to make ham taste a little better.

leftover ham

I understand that there are hundreds of possible recipes that we can do using leftover hams but I opted to show (or rather remind) you the three simplest and easiest preparation. We’ll get to the more challenging recipes on our next posts.

Ham Sandwich

This very easy-to-prepare ham sandwich is a no brainer for everyone. Just place a slice of leftover ham, mayonnaise, lettuce, and your favorite condiment between two toasted slices of bread and there you have it.

Fried rice with ham and mixed vegetables

This simple recipe makes use of left over steamed rice, leftover ham, and frozen mixed vegetables. You can do this by simply sautéing chopped ham and mixed vegetables in butter or cooking oil then adding left over rice seasoned with a few pinches of salt.

Finger food: Sliced Ham and Cheese

If you are planning to have a party then this can save you money. Cube your leftover ham and skewer it (using a toothpick) with cubed sharp cheddar cheese.

Do you have some more related ideas to share? I would love to hear from you. Please speak up by posting a comment.


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    My dilemma after every Christmas…i usually end up making a very decadent “ham & cheese” french toast… i’ll feature it on my blog soon…

    thanks for this post pare…

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    Yummy!you know?this is my problem after holidays gone,the left over of the 6.5kilos ham.now i really thank you so much for this recepes.i have now the quick way to finish our left over ham!thanks and more power!

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