Isabela, Running-Out of Food Supply

isabela_mapAs I was reading Philippine news this morning, an article about food shortage in one of our country’s major source of agricultural products caught my attention.

Based on the recent estimate, the total damages on crops and agriculture brought about by the drought caused by El Nino has reached P8 billion in the Philippines since the previous year.

Among the affected areas, Isabela province was on top of the list. With damages totaling to almost half of the total estimated value of the whole country, the province cannot barely supply adequate food to its residents. It is sad to learn that one of the Philippine’s top producer of corn and rice is hardly generating staple food for its own consumption.

This major issue prompted Gov. Padaca, the Governor of Isabela, to call for assistance for the affected residents. According to the news, the provincial government did all that they can to address the problem but the current condition is too much to handle.

They were able to distribute rice to the affected families, given fuel subsidies to the affected farmers to operate water pumps, and even handed-out water pumps to lessen the effect of the drought.

The governor is now requesting help from the National government, private sectors, and international communities for food and medical aid for the affected residents.


There are no information posted as to where we can send our aid and donations. I’ll be updating this post as soon as I receive credible information.

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