Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Ham and Cheese Sandwich is probably the most common type of sandwich around. In fact, being common made this sandwich the top selling sandwich of all time.

Each of us might have prepared countless Ham and Cheese Sandwich versions at this point. I don’t mean to change the way you prepare your Ham and Cheese sandwich; neither do I want to tell you that this is the correct method, because there is no such thing. What really matters is the fact that you made your Ham and Cheese Sandwich the way you want it, and enjoyed having what you created.

As for me, the preparation of Ham and Cheese Sandwich (or any sandwich for that matter) depends on who I am making it for. As a school lunch for my kids, the picture above is the exact thing. They love Ham and Cheese Sandwich with mayonnaise, lettuce, and tomato slices in a soft loaf. The Ham and Cheese Sandwich that I make for myself is a little different. How different? Well, let’s just say that place at least 3 ounces of ham between toasted or grilled loaf.

How do you make Ham and Cheese Sandwich? Do you have some tips to share?


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  1. When I visited the Philippines last June, I had the opportunity to taste this cool appetizer called tinapa roll….I had this at a restaurant in Makati called La Mesa…I was hoping if you can get the recipe =)

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