Which Do You Prefer: Jollibee Chickenjoy or Mang Inasal’s Chicken Inasal?

Jollibee and Mang Inasal are well known fast food chains in the Philippines. Jollibee is the largest Fast Food chain in the country which is famous for its Fried Chicken Recipe: Chickenjoy. On the other hand, Mang Inasal is a fast growing food chain that originated in Iloilo. Its version of the Chicken Barbeque which is known as Chicken Inasal has captured the interest of the nation. The tasty barbequed chicken and unlimited rice makes their restaurants crowded all the time.

These Chicken Recipes are entirely different, but both are the best in their categories (in my opinion). I am a Chickenjoy fan since I was a child, but Chicken Inasal got my full attention after trying a meal. It is really hard to decide especially that we are comparing apples to oranges here – but only one should stand out.

If you are afraid that Jollibee will not give you a high five on your next visit because you chose the other, don’t worry. They are now the majority stock holder of Mang Inasal. Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC) bought 70% of Mang Inasal from Injap Investments.

Still can’t decide? How about comparing the price? A piece of Chickenjoy with rice and a drink costs Php 92.40 (2 pieces Chickenjoy with rice and a drink costs Php 141.9). Mang Inasals Pecho with unlimited rice (PM2) costs Php 99.00.

Which Do You Prefer: Jollibee Chickenjoy or Mang Inasal’s Chicken Inasal? I know that both are good, but you only need to pick one.

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  1. Mary Ann Evalo says:

    I want a free panlasang pinoy cookbook volume1…tnx

  2. Jean french* says:

    mananit sila pareho…hinahanap hanap ko at laging unang kinakain pagdating ng ILOILO…pero syempre mas Ilonggo taste ko ;)))

  3. janee ane says:

    i prefered haim chicken inato in puerto princesa province of palawan the best:)

  4. Well if you go for Filipino Fried Chicken if you go for crispiest and juciest Chicken Joy, but if you want barbeque and plus unlimited rice and soup you go to Mang Inasal.

  5. cristina rose says:

    i choose mang inasal,coz the food is not just the best but also their service,sobrang aasikasuhin ka..=)

  6. sharmain says:

    you’r right.mang inasal is so yummy :)

  7. did you know that burned meat from grilled foods can cause colon cancer while excess fats from fried dishes can lead to stroke and heart attack?

    choose wisely…;)

  8. sa panahon ngayon kailangan magtipid, mang inasal yung pasok sa budget ko..

  9. i choose MANG INASAL,healthier than jollibee b’coz its grilled and very cheap b’coz its 99php only and its rice unlimited.

  10. carla grace says:

    both are my faves but each has its pros and cons… however, i prefer the chicken from mang inasal but i really really really love the gravy from the chicken joy…. ^_^

  11. the kids love Jollibee… if mom has to choose I go for chicken inasal much healtheir ang grilled keysa fried.

  12. rochelle says:

    I like Chickenjoy better. It’s just exceptionally good.

  13. Windsor Spitfire says:

    mang inasal the best?! try niyo ang Bacolod Chicken Inasal, yan ang original. (hindi ang store na makikita niyo diyan sa Manila), hindi yan authentic. punta kayo ng Bacolod, sa may Manokan Country.

    • rochelle says:

      I do agree with you there. I’ve been in Bacolod once and the chicken inasal is really good. One chicken thigh is just not enough.

      Bacolod Chicken Inasal vs. Jollibee= both are good, I don’t think I could chose on which one is better. But Mang Inasal vs. Jollibee, I think Jollibee is definitely better. :D

  14. a whole new world says:

    what? u mean prefer not prepared. tagalugin na lang kasi. tsk..tsk…tsk..

  15. I want Jollibee! old time favorite! yumyum.. :)

  16. i prefer mang inasal chicken, unlimited rice pa..

  17. ako ? depende yn s mood ko eh.. sk depende din s tao s loob ng fast fud. eh kng san mejo makakapasok ka at may mauupuan eh dun ka! hehe..
    eh s totoo lng.. parehas lng yn chicken ! ngek !!

  18. yeah, nobody can beat Chickenjoy.. I LOVE it.. ^^ Pinoys Love it.. so..

  19. MCDO

  20. Pecho Pak and Mang Inasal! Both are Iloilo’s finest chicken inasal restos. But I think mas sikat lang ang Mang Inasal because of the fact that JFC bought it. But Iloilo has great delicious foods anywhere you go, that’s why can’t wait to go back home. Makakain lang ulit ng mga favorite foods ko.:)

  21. I say I love them both but the best is Mang Inasal. I like their chicken and the soup. (They serve it either sinigang or beef soup.) And its cheap! If you think about it, it has unlimited rice unlike Jolibee you need to buy extra rice. It’s worth it.

  22. LUZ MCCANN says:

    i will choose CHICKEN INASAL , i love grilled chicken coz i miss that in phil.,im fed up eating fried chicken ,coz we always order popeyes its kinda the same like jolibee .

  23. lhenpet says:

    …jOllibee po heheee..isa pa isa pang chicken joy..
    yummy tlaga..

  24. mang inasal inasal-anytime of the day!

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