I Want to Siomai Appreciation to Everybody

Before you say anything, I know. The title sounds corny. Please bear with me. I tried thinking of a cheesier title, but this is the best that I can think of. Got better suggestions? I love to hear them.

You all know that I greatly appreciate your time and effort for visiting this blog. I am also thankful for all your comments. I’m trying to pay that back by providing you with quality recipes and useful information. Aside from that, I also saved the last piece of Siomai just for you, as a token of my appreciation.

We will be celebrating our second Anniversary a couple of months from now. I can’t believe that Panlasang Pinoy is about to turn 2 years old very soon. While you were eagerly learning the basics of cooking Filipino Food and other dishes during the past years, I was familiarizing myself with the concept of blogging. We all learned so many things together. Thanks for always being around.

In your eyes, the Siomai above might symbolize a shy piece of food. To me it means something else. Originally, there were four pieces, but the three were already consumed. All who ate enjoyed every bite and wanted more. They are wishing for another serving.

The  Siomai represents all the effort that I exerted in this project. Not a single thing was wasted. I am glad that the readers are enjoying every visit. Although there might only be one piece left, you don’t need to worry. I finished steaming the other batches. They will be served immediately.

Oh, before I forget. I would like to let you know that I am now open to the idea of guest posting. If you want to write for Panlasang Pinoy, please send-in your articles along with your information such as name and blog name (if applicable) via the contact us page or directly at webmaster {at} panlasangpinoy {dot} com.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

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  1. says

    More power Panlasang Pinoy, continue doing a great job educating filipinos around the globe. You have inspired countless of successful gatherings and helped strengten relationships. Your site bring pinoys closer to home. Happy anniversary!

  2. says

    First of all, this is my very first time commenting on your blog. I am a twenty something year old filipina-american living in Charleston, SC. I was born and raised in Houston, Texas and mooched off my parents until I got married to a USAF soldier. After moving away to my first base (which was only 2 hrs away from my family), I finally realized how spoiled I was. I missed my parents home cooking so bad! But luckily I made some filipino friends and one of them even had a filipino restaurant! So whenever I visiting home or eating at the restaurant, I was always searching the net for filipino recipes. I never found a site that had everything I wanted. I had to rely on the off chance that my dad wasn’t busy and ask him for his recipes. Anyways, we moved to Charleston and there aren’t any good asian restaurants. I had to rely on home cooked meals. I found your site a year ago and haven’t been happier! Thank you for making my life in Charleston so much easier.

  3. says

    Oops! I forgot to mention one thing (the reason I originally commented but got carried away with all my gratitude)…It’s a shame that you only have the ecookbook available. Are you planning on printing it out? I would definitely buy it in a heartbeat! There is this site called blurb.com that lets you print books. Its used for anything: photobooks, diaries, even blogs! Once you upload it and have it printed, you can have the option to let other people buy it as well. It’s super easy. I’ve used it for photobooks for my son. If you do have a printed version of your book, please let me know. I’ll definitely grab a copy!

  4. Anne says


    This is my first post but I have been snooping around your recipe for about 3 months now. I agree with the previous post, MAKE A BOOK!! I have been making your recipe and it is always a hit! Living in Manila for 19 years, I have been accustomed to all of these pinoy food! Now I am a 26yr old, nurse, and living here at Maryland! I found your site, and It brings me back to my homeland! instead of shopping, sitting around, or missing pinas, I am now cooking! and my husband is happier! Thanks to you and your family! Please make a book!


  5. chris allarde says

    Hi Vanjo,
    I would just like to say thank you for sites like this although I love to cook, but with sites like this I learned to cook more recipes and cook even much more better. There are so many recipes I have learned from here like the first Kare-kare I learned how to make Kare-kare from watching your video of kare-kare. I didn’t know how to cook Filipino foods before but now I enjoy cooking them like tonight I made Pork Sinigang again for supper. Although I made it for supper last week, but because of this site and your step by step on how to prepare these dishes I really enjoy cooking these dishes. I never thought that I would learn to cook Filipino food and enjoy cooking them but I do now. But I would also cook forein food as well so our palates don’t get bored. Anyways because of this site and your videos I learned how to cook more and improve my cooking. Just want to say

    Thank you very much.

  6. chargy says

    Simply awesome! I follow your tips and apply your recipes as well. You are great! Keep up the good work! Panlansang Pinoy is simply amazing..

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