Whole Grain Foods Can Help Fight Heart Disease and Obesity

whole grain foods

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There is an increasing popularity when it comes to whole grain foods because of how these could benefit people in multiple ways. It is a good thing that people who are becoming more and more concerned about their weight and heart health already recognize the fact that whole grain foods can help them a lot. When the term ‘whole grain’ is mentioned, foods like brown rice and other products which are made of whole wheat immediately pop into our heads, right? The main reason why it is called as such is because these still have complete components. Sometimes, these are also referred to as whole wheat. Unlike other foods like polished rice, white bread and other refined grains, whole grain still has germ, endosperm and bran. Because of this, it is acknowledged as more nutritious.

Aside from that, products that are made of whole grain do not go through a very complex process. The natural state is more preserved. It is true that refining and processing can remove some of the essential nutrients. Since whole grain foods are the closest to the raw state, these are packed with more vitamins and minerals.

Excellent Benefits of Whole Grain Foods to the Heart

Researches have shown that the individuals who eat whole grain foods have less chances of storing fat which is responsible for cardiovascular problems. This fat is known as the visceral adipose tissue or VAT which instigates the metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is commonly identified because of the three indicators such as high cholesterol level, resistance to insulin and high blood pressure.

Individuals who eat refined grains have 10% more VAT in terms of volume compared to those who eat at least three servings of whole grains a day. This also means that those who eat whole grains also have lower chances of hardening and blocking their arteries since such a problem is caused by unhealthy fat. The heart would not have much trouble in pumping blood too, avoiding it to get too stressed. That is how this type of foods can help out in preventing heart diseases.

Whole Grain Foods: Fighting Obesity

The rising cases of obesity are quite alarming. Hence, it is time for people to change their diet and replace refined grain products with whole grain foods.

It can not be denied that these types of food also have carbohydrates. The good thing is that, it has complex carbohydrates which actually do more good for the body. The complex carbohydrates are used up by the body more efficiently as source of energy throughout the day so it would not be stored as additional body fat. Besides, when compared to refine grain, whole wheat has much lower amount of carbohydrates.

The high amount of fiber is very important too. This cleanses the digestive system and flushes out toxins. It also has to be mentioned that since food digestion is much easier, the body is able to effectively churn out the what you eat. Hence, there will be less surplus food which will automatically be stored as fat.

With improved circulatory system and efficient digestive system, beating problems like heart disease and obesity becomes much easier. It is no longer a difficult feat. All thanks to foods that have whole wheat, these common illnesses can be avoided.

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