High Fiber Diet

High Fiber Diet Can Reduce the Risk of Colon Cancer

Colon or colorectal cancer is a disease that involves growth of cancer cells in the colon rectum and appendix. The intensity and effect of this ailment may vary, depending on the exact location of the tumor. What happens is that the tumor growth starts on the lining of the colon. As the disease worsens, this could then metastasize in the underlying muscle layers. Common symptoms involve bad case of constipation, presence of blood in the stool, weight loss and vomiting. To avoid this health issue, switching to high fiber diet would help a lot.

This disease can be caused by genetics in some people. However, a big factor which triggers the start of this health problem is the type of diet. Indulging on unhealthy food like those which have high amount of fat and cholesterol increases the tendency of having this problem. Drinking alcohol and smoking are primary culprits too. Whether it is genetics or lifestyle, high fiber diet will help you prevent this.

Eating Fiber Rich Food

High Fiber Diet
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Increasing the amount of fiber in the food you eat is the key in preventing colon cancer. Fiber helps a lot in promoting better digestion. This also cleanses your digestive tract so that you can eliminate toxins that could trigger health problems, particularly colon cancer.

Fruits and vegetables have always been known to have high amount of fiber. These are actually excellent sources because they are natural and unprocessed. However, it has been observed that the amount of fiber that can be obtained from these is lower compared to other foods. This does not mean that you have to exclude them in your high fiber diet. You simply need to eat more than just fruits and vegetables.

To effectively increase fiber intake, you have to eat food like whole wheat bread, quinoa, whole wheat pasta, brown rice and bran cereal. These should provide you with adequate fiber that could help in prevention of cancer in the colon area.

Typical diet consists of about 10 to 13 grams of fiber per day. Boosting your intake means consuming up about 30 to 40 grams to ensure good health.

Efficiency for Colon Cancer Prevention

The expectations from high fiber diet have to be set realistically. Truth is, there are certain factors that come into play when it comes to colon cancer. This disease usually strikes around the age of 50 as a result of various causes like genetics, lifestyle, eating habits and a lot of environmental aspects. Opting for high fiber diet is a precautionary measure which can prevent the onset of this disease.

In your goal to prevent this disease, you also need to ensure not just the condition of your digestive system but also your overall health. So, keep in mind that aside from increasing your fiber intake, you also have to focus on getting all other nutrients that the body needs. Aside from avoiding high-cholesterol foods or those with artificial ingredients, you also need to stop drinking alcohol. With improved overall health, there should be less tendency of contracting colon cancer, as well as other illnesses.

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