Diabetic Food List

A diabetic food list is extremely important for people who have problems with spiking blood sugar levels. Generally, the diet for diabetics should include foods that have low fat content. It is true that carbohydrates are also needed by the body in order to maintain normal sugar level. However, the carbs to ingest should be chosen carefully. These have to be refined carbohydrates which are not coupled with sugar so that the body would be able to use it up the right way. Here are food groups that are part of the recommended Diabetic Food List  :


Dairy like cottage cheese, low fat milk, low fat yogurt and sugar free ice cream is an excellent option for people who have diabetes. It is because these contain good amount of calcium which the body needs. Just be carefully when choosing dairy products because these should be fat free and sugar free.


Fruits are always a good option because of the impressive amount of nutrients that they contain. Another beneficial component of fruits is the fiber. This will help in flushing out toxins in the body which makes it easier to maintain normal blood sugar level. It has to be noted though that there are certain fruits which contain high amount of natural sugar like ripe bananas and mangoes. Hence, it is best to avoid these. Compared to vegetables, fruits usually have more natural sugar in them. The best way to resolve this is to eat the peeling of fruits like apples and grapes. That way, the body will digest it much slower and the sugar level would not spike up.

Diabetic Food List

High Fiber Vegetables

The green leafy vegetables should be included in the diabetic food list. The amount of fiber that can be obtained from these vegetables will help in regulating food intake. Aside from that, it contributes in the natural detoxification process of the body so that free radicals and excess sodium would not cause sugar spike up and other related health problems.

Lean Meat

Eating meat is also important even for people who have abnormal sugar level so do not completely cross these out from your diabetic food list. It is just important to choose the type of meat to eat. Lean turkey and chicken meat is the best option. Opt for the breast part which has higher level of protein and much less fat. Red meat is not ideal since these usually contain fat which is embedded within the strands of meat. If unavoidable, opt for strips of sirloin with less fat. Keep in mind that the way that the meat is prepared matters too. It is ideal to have them grilled, baked or broiled because deep frying can add an overwhelming amount of fat and cholesterol.

Fish and Other Seafood

These are okay to add in the diabetic food list. Fish meat usually contains a lot of Omega 3 fatty acids which are beneficial for the body. Even other seafood like shrimp, cod and lobster are ideal too. However, when the fish and seafood are deep fried, these become really harmful for the health.

Healthy Beverages

Of course, this automatically cancels out soda, processed fruit juices and alcoholic drinks off the diabetic food list. Water is always the best option. If you are craving for a little flavor, go for freshly squeezed fruit juice.

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