Cookie Diet

The Cookie Diet

The words ‘cookie’ and ‘diet’ does not seem to go well together, right? How come the cookie diet is becoming very popular not just among Hollywood celebrities but also for professional trainers for weight loss?

The cookie diet is a program that a lot of people have been doing for more almost four decades. The first dietary cookies were made by Dr. Sanford Siegal in 1975 by working on amino acid blend that he uses for baking. This gave rise to cookies with reduced calories but can control hunger. Originally, he made these cookies for his patients in Siegal Medical Group in Miami, Florida. Up until 2002, only doctors can prescribe this diet method to their patients. It was in 2006 when this became available in the market for people who intend to lose weight.

Because of Dr. Siegal’s diet, you can eat an all-time favorite snack while achieving the weight that you are dreaming of. It lowers daily calorie intake. This diet involves regularly eating specially created dietary cookies and a single meal each day. This means that the calorie intake will drop down to 800 calories per day. Aside from creating the cookies to be tasty and low in calories, this dietary food is also formulated with the essential nutrients and vitamins that are needed to sustain the daily activities.

Cookie Diet
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The cookies also have high amount of fiber. This makes it easier to feel full and prevent cravings. Aside from that, it helps in cleansing the body too which leads to better digestion and more effective weight loss.

Some people are worried that the cookie diet will not work for them because it means eating the same thing every single day. The plus side is that since this diet is becoming more and more popular these days, there are different flavors of cookies that are readily available in the market. Some of the more common ones include oatmeal, coconut, blueberry, banana and chocolate.

Going through this diet also means sticking to a meal plan. You can eat up to six cookies per day. Eating each cookie has to be done with three to four hours of interval. During dinner time, you would be allowed to eat a regulated meal.

When preparing your dinner, keep in mind that it has to have high content of protein. A single cup of vegetables can be combined with 6 ounces of fish, turkey, chicken or seafood. These types of meat will provide you with the protein that your body needs. Because red meat has high amount of fat, you have to skip this.

Ideally, the total amount should only be around 300 calories per meal during dinner time. So per day, you will be able to limit your intake to only 800 calories which results to weight loss. Once you have reached your targeted weight, continue eating six cookies within the day. Just eat a meal at night with gradually higher amount of calories.

You would need to drink 8 glasses or more to flush out the toxins in the body too. One important aspect when doing the cookie diet is that alcoholic beverages are not allowed.

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