What Is a Vacuum Fryer?

What is a vacuum fryer? How come this is considered as a healthier option when frying food? Technically, this is a device which is primarily used for deep-frying food. The frying occurs inside a chamber which reduces the amount of oil that is absorbed by food. Hence, it considered as a healthier alternative to common fryers. Originally, this was meant to deep-fry potatoes, though today, it has been widely used for commercial purposes in frying various types of food such as fruits chips and vegetable chips.

Nutritional Advantages

Another advantage of using the vacuum fryer is that it retains the amount of nutrients that are originally in the food. Since it involves a locked-in procedure, even if the food is subjected to heat, more vitamins and minerals remain intact compared to traditional deep-frying. For example, if potatoes are deep-fried using regular pans and a whole lot of oil, the remaining Vitamin C in it after cooking is only 50%. On the other hand, with the use of a vacuum fryer, it has been observed that at least 95% of the original Vitamin C remains.

It has to be noted that the main reason why vacuum frying is considered to be healthier is because it does not involve the use of a lot of oil. That is why, the end product would not be soaked in whopping amount of fat. On the other hand, it should not be forgotten that this does not reduce the amount of carbohydrates. Hence, for people who would like to cut down their intake of carbs to be able to maintain ideal weight and health status, they should still take necessary precaution when eating food that are prepared using the vacuum fryer.Vacuum Fryer

Better Food Quality

A vacuum fryer does not only contribute to the nutritional value of food. This is also used by various restaurants and food manufacturer because of its benefits when it comes to the aesthetics of the processed food. The vacuum fryer is used these days not just for potatoes but also for vegetables, fruits, fish and meat. It helps in keeping the vibrant color of the food. Aside from that, it also lowers the tendency of overcooking which could ruin the texture. With the use of this device, there is no need to put too many artificial flavoring too because the natural taste of the ingredients are preserved.

These positive results are possible with the use of vacuum fryer because it cooks food at a lower oil temperature. Because of the technology it uses, moisture and air is not present within the atmosphere while the food is being fried. Hence, the end product is much better compared to traditional, oil-soaked frying process.

Types of Vacuum Fryer

When dealing with the question, “What is a vacuum fryer”, it is also necessary to understand its types. The intermittent vacuum fryer is more appropriate for preparing smaller portions of food. Commercial food manufacturers use the continuous vacuum fryer because this type can handle large quantities. However, some people who used to rely on intermittent fryer are switching now to continuous fryer because this is cheaper to operate.

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