Pistachios Health Benefits

Great things do come in small packages. The same goes for pistachio nuts. It is quite amazing how this tasty and delicious snack can actually help in maintaining excellent overall health.

Are you having a hard time believing that this type of nut can be good for you? Then here are the pistachios health benefits which will really amaze you.

Lowering Heart Disease Risks

Though there may be other factors which have to be considered when it comes to preventing heart diseases, let pistachio take care of lowering bad cholesterol in the body. The active compounds in pistachio do not only reduce LDL or bad cholesterol. More importantly, it also adds more HDL or good cholesterol which can protect you from heart ailments. Pistachio is also effective in blood vessel inflammation which commonly triggers heart disease.

Natural Healing Ability

The human body is designed to be capable of healing itself from various ailments. Unfortunately, for some people, the low level of antioxidants makes it difficult for the body to repair itself. Much worse, instead of healing, the affected area becomes inflamed. The overwhelming amount of antioxidants in pistachios, combined with essential vitamins A, E and minerals allow the body’s tissues to do needed repairs.

Pistachios Health Benefits

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Combating Diabetes

If your family has a long history of diabetes and you intend to turn things around by preventing this disease, forget about shoving too many pills and meds in your mouth. A handful of pistachio nuts could do the job. One of the pistachios health benefits is that it prevents glycation which is a process of binding sugar and protein. When this process is not stopped, that is when diabetes begins to destroy tissues. Thankfully, there is pistachio which will hinder glycation.

Smooth and Glowing Skin

In a world where there are too many beauty products in the market, it is refreshing to find a natural way to enhance the aesthetics of the skin. Are you worried about dry skin and those fine lines which are starting to show? Then keep in mind that among the pistachios health benefits is its emollient properties. It is capable of transporting healthy oils all over the body which prevents skin dryness. Aside from that, it also has high amount of Vitamin E, particularly gamma-tocopherol, which prevents rapid skin cell deterioration so wrinkles would not show too soon.

Healthy Nervous System

Do you know that repetitive daily activities can work against the health of your nervous system? Since there is no way to avoid the constant typing on the computer, tinkering on electronic devices, writing and other repetitive tasks, it is better to just ingest moderate amount of pistachio everyday. This type of nuts has a lot of Vitamin B6 which increases amines or the messaging molecules of the nervous system and creates myelin that ensures smooth message relay between nerves. To top it all off, pistachio is also capable of ensuring the smooth functions of impulses within the nervous system because the Vitamin B6 that it contains results to serotonin, melatonin and epinephrine synthesis.

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