Where to Get Culinary Scholarships

Enrolling in a culinary school also entails some expenses. It is true that this type of school is relatively more expensive than other courses. If you do not have enough savings to get into a culinary school, does it mean you should just give up on your dream? Of course not!

What you could do is to check out some culinary scholarships and try to qualify into one. This means getting some help so you could fulfill your dreams to immerse in the culinary profession one day.

Where to Find Culinary Scholarships

Even if you know for a fact that you have a limited budget to spend for your studies, there are numerous options for scholarship. Here are the top 8 culinary scholarships which you might want to consider:

Culinary Institute of America

CIA has been known for providing outstanding culinary education. Now, they are extending their arms to more students by granting scholarship not just for students within the U.S. but also to those who are from other countries. Students who are interested to apply need to accomplish the financial aid forms and complete additional requirements which the school might request for.

American Culinary Federation

Culinary Scholarships

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The scholarship is open for high school students, college students and even professional chefs. There are different terms and conditions which apply depending on the current status of the aspirant. It is important to check eligibility and comply with the specific requirements before the deadline because this will serve as the basis of the scholarship review committee when deciding who to give the grant to.

Northwest Culinary Institute

The scholarship is applicable only for high school students on their senior year who want to enroll into a culinary arts program. The institution offers two $2,000 scholarships.

Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Scholarship

This school has been providing culinary scholarships not just within the U.S but also in other countries. Qualified students would get about 90% to 100% scholarship which will ease them from the expenses.

International Culinary Center

There are several types of scholarship which the school grants to students and the level of assistance varies too. Among which include military veteran scholarship, international student scholarship, Achievement Scholarship Program, C-CAP and a whole lot of others.

American Academy of Chefs

This grant is open for high school seniors as well as current college students. So long as the student pursues culinary arts and is qualified for the grant, he/she may apply. The culinary scholarships can also be used in schools like the Chef’s Academy, Johnsons and Wales University or Culinary Institute of America.


The scholarship is open for students who are already enrolled in culinary arts. Upon application, the student should have attended at least 6 weeks of the program. Students who are applying for the grant should have an impressive academic record.

James Beard Foundation

The amount of assistance and number of grants which will be given each year may vary but usually, the details are announced every April of each year. The scholarship is open for students who are aiming for culinary arts degree or wine studies.


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