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Beef and Tripe Pochero Recipe

I love kare-kare and pochero. I like the ox tripe in kare-kare and I thought that it is be a good match with beef especially when cooked pochero style. I wanted the tripe and beef simmered until both gets really tender. That is something like this pochero dish that I made for you; the tripe and beef is so tender and delicious. I started out by cleaning the tripe well. I made … [Read more...]

Pata Pochero Recipe

Pata Pochero is a soup dish composed of cut pork legs or pork hocks, potatoes, ripe saba banana (plantains), Calabaza squash (kalabasa), and bok choy (pechay). This simple soup recipe is very comforting. You can enjoy pochero during lunch or dinner. The key to making a perfect pata pochero has something to do with the way the pork legs are cooked. It should be very tender, but … [Read more...]

Pochero Recipe

Pochero or Puchero is a well-loved Filipino stew. I know that you are familiar with this dish after we featured two variations: Beef Pochero and Chicken Pochero.To complete our Pochero series, I thought of sharing this Pork Pochero recipe. This pretty much uses the same ingredients. However, there are some differences in the way the ingredients are prepared. Since we now have … [Read more...]

Chicken Pochero Recipe

Chicken Pochero is a type of stew composed of chicken, sausage, vegetables, plantains, and tomatoes. The harmonious collaboration of different flavors makes this dish extra special. I love to have chicken pochero during cold seasons. Sipping the hot soup makes me feel warm and comfortable, while the indulging tastes makes my day complete. This recipe is not very different … [Read more...]

Beef Pochero Recipe

Beef Pochero is a Filipino Stew similar to that of "Beef Nilaga". This dish is complimented by the sweetness of the saba banana, and a unique sour blend is brought-in by the tomato sauce. A very enticing dish that is worth craving for; beef pochero brings out the delightful taste of our Spanish influence. This Beef Pochero is straightforward. All you have to do is have all … [Read more...]