Special Siopao Sauce Recipe

Ever since we featured Siopao Asado here in our Filipino Food Blog, we have been receiving a lot of inquiries and requests for the Special Siopao Sauce that should go with it. Based on my replies on your comments, this Siopao sauce recipe should be released along with the Siopao Bola-Bola video (which I plan to feature soon) – but I’ve decided to publish this recipe ahead because more requests on this are coming in on a regular basis.

Siopao Asado Recipe

Siopao Asado or Hot Buns is a type of dumpling with sweet pork filling. Often referred to as Steamed Dumplings, this tasty bun is so popular that it needs no introduction of any sort.

This reminds me of Chowking or better yet Ma Mon Luk. Whenever I dine-in these joints, I order siopao along with beef mami or maki. I don’t know if the combination sounds appealing but it really works for me. How about you? Do you have some food in mind that goes well when eaten with siopao?

This recipe is not complicated at all. Just be sure to have the ingredients on hand and follow all the steps. It won’t be long before you enjoy your own home made siopao asado.

Try this Siopao Asado recipe.

Bulalo Beef Mami

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Chicken Siomai

This Chicken Siomai recipe is a variation of pork siomai or shaomai. This recipe makes use of lean ground chicken plus additional vegetables and seasonings. Are you a fan of siomai? If you are, I am certain that you will love this recipe! Those who don’t like siomai will think twice after trying this recipe … Continue reading Chicken Siomai

Spicy Beef Noodle Soup

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Chicken Mami Recipe

Chicken Mami or Chicken Noodle Soup is a delicious soup dish fit for rainy or cold days. This is usually sold in noodle houses or “mamihan” along with other favorites such as Beef Mami, Pares, and Siopao. This recipe is an easier version of my original Chicken Mami Recipe. The main difference is the part … Continue reading Chicken Mami Recipe

Hototay Soup Recipe

Hototay is a rich and delicious soup dish composed of various ingredients – pork, chicken, and liver – to name a few.

This soup recipe is of Chinese in origin. However – like the siopao and siomai – this dish was embraced by the Filipinos and became part of the cuisine of the Philippines.

Having many ingredients adds a lot of different flavor to this soup dish. All these flavors coincide with each other producing harmony and a single delicious taste that makes this dish stand out. The vegetables in this dish add sweetness and texture. They also provide
Health benefits to our body.

11 Ways to Cook Tofu

Tofu or bean curd is made from soy beans. The soy beans are turned into soy milk and curdled with a substance called coagulants. Coagulants make the texture of the mixture gelatinous.

Cooking with tofu first made it way in Asia: it has been adopted by other countries since then. The main reason why tofu became popular is its high protein content. This has made it a good substitute for meat. Vegetarians embrace tofu by having it in their regular diet. Whenever a recipe calls for meat, tofu is used as a replacement.

There are three main types of tofu: firm tofu, soft tofu, and silken tofu. They are categorized based on their texture.