Sous Chef Job Description

sous chef job description

The sous chef job description is a lengthy one. This is because sous chefs are only second to the executive or head chef. Second in command, they are required to oversee almost … [Read more...]

How to become a chef

how to become a chef

With more cooking shows on television than ever before, more food enthusiasts want to learn how to become a chef. Being a chef is a full-time profession that requires an insatiable … [Read more...]

Executive Chef Training Overview

Executive Chef Training Overview

Chef training is no joke but the good thing is that, this is not an impossible feat so long as there is determination and passion for the craft. For people who aspire to become an … [Read more...]

Helpful Tips on How to Become a Chef

Become a Chef

Are you pondering about how to become a chef? If you want to jump into the culinary world, then you should not let anything stop you. If others can do it, then so can you. It is … [Read more...]

Pastry Chef Training Overview

Pastry Chef Training

Becoming a pastry chef starts with wanting and deciding to focus on creating cakes, pies, sweets and other types of dessert. This profession is very exciting because it is not just … [Read more...]

What is an Executive Chef?

What is an Executive Chef

Executive chefs plays a very significant role in the kitchen. This position is crucial for any restaurant, hotel, cafĂ© or other establishments that are related to food service. … [Read more...]

How Much is the Average Chef Salary?

How Much is the Average Chef Salary

It has been said too many times that chef salary surmounts to a whopping amount of cash. This is also the reason why some people decide to venture into this profession. Truth be … [Read more...]

Sous Chef Training Overview

Sous Chef Training Overview

Novice chefs typically aspire to become the chief (executive chef) in the near future. However, before they get to that position, it is necessary to go through being a sous chef … [Read more...]

What is a Sous Chef?

Sous Chef

The term sous chef has been mentioned a lot of times in cooking shows, restaurants and other culinary-related discussions. What exactly does this mean? What type of work does a … [Read more...]

What is a Pastry Chef?

What is a Pastry Chef

What makes a pastry chef different from all other chefs across the globe? Does it mean having more knowledge than others? Will it lead to bigger salary package? When getting into … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Become a Successful Chef

Successful Chef

Culinary Arts Programs are designed to train individuals who are interested in having Culinary Arts Jobs. These programs prepare aspiring chefs to be familiar with their line of … [Read more...]