Worst foods for IBS

The Worst Foods for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

People with Irritable Bowel Syndrome can attest that this condition is as uncomfortable as it sounds. The intestines malfunction and produce symptoms that can range from mildly unpleasant to unbearable. Since it is a digestive condition, it is largely influenced by what you eat. … [Read more...]

What is Curcumin?


Curcumin is a valuable substance found in turmeric. It is the source of the popular spice’s yellow bright color and offers a host of health benefits. From preventing diabetes to treating cuts and burns, curcumin has risen to the top of the world’s healthiest food list. This … [Read more...]

Are Pumpkin Seeds Good For You?

pumpkin seeds

It is common knowledge that pumpkin flesh is healthy, but are pumpkin seeds good for you? Pumpkin seeds are a popular delicacy and are often roasted to give them a crunchy, nutty flavor and texture. They can be enjoyed as snacks and are usually eaten in small portions because of … [Read more...]

Pros and Cons of the Anorexic Diet

Pros and Cons of Anorexic Diet

To this day, many people are surprised to discover that the anorexic diet exists. In fact, advocates have taken the diet a step further by publishing diet books about it. It is basically an eating plan that aims to achieve the same weight loss as anorexic patients do. Because … [Read more...]

Is Yoghurt Good For You?

is yogurt good for you?

There are almost as many people who eat yoghurt as those who drink milk, perhaps even more. Yoghurt is one of the few dairy products that lactose intolerant people can enjoy. It can be flavored in many ways for taste and contains powerful nutrients that have positive effects on … [Read more...]