What are the best foods for fibromyalgia?

best food for fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a condition that causes pain in the muscles, joints and can be accompanied by fatigue and depression. There are a few treatments that can be administered by your physician, but eating foods for fibromyalgia can help you take control … [Read more...]

What are the worst foods for flatulence?

worst foods for flatulence

Some blame it on beans and others on dairy. Regardless of what you consider to be the worst foods for flatulence, passing gas is inevitable. Gas or flatulence can be caused by a few factors. It occurs when you pass a combination of different gases … [Read more...]

Nutritional information of almonds

Nutritional information of almonds

Millions snack on nuts every day to improve their health but not everyone knows the true nutritional value of almonds. They contain so many nutrients doctors even recommend them as part of dietary treatments. With just a brief education about the … [Read more...]

Best foods for people with kidney disease

Best foods for people with kidney disease

If you have been diagnosed with kidney disease, you know that your diet is just as important as medication. Eating foods for kidney disease can reduce or relieve some of the symptoms that come with having the condition. What you eat also plays a … [Read more...]

What are the best foods for teething?

teething foods

Babies experience a lot of discomfort when they grow their first set of teeth and this can make finding the right foods for teething difficult for parents. Fortunately, teething babies are willing to chew on just about anything and will be willing to … [Read more...]

What are the foods that cause inflammation?

foods that cause inflammation

Inflammation, according to medical research, can either help you or harm you. It is this double nature that makes it difficult to treat. On one hand, it can be a sign that you are healing and on the other, it can perpetuate diseases and possibly … [Read more...]

Soluble fiber foods

soluble fiber foods

In general, all fiber is good for your health and foods containing it should be part of your daily meal plan. However, not all fiber is the same. The type of fiber you receive from soluble fiber foods and insoluble fiber foods has different functions … [Read more...]

Natural laxative food

Natural laxative food

Next time you feel constipated, you can skip taking a laxative pill and snack on natural laxative food instead. Many have accepted constipation and other digestive problems as part of normal life, but they don’t have to be if you make smarter dietary … [Read more...]

Foods to eat while breastfeeding

Foods to eat while breastfeeding

For the first few months of life, babies depend on their mothers for nutrition. Most of those essential nutrients are derived from breast milk. What you eat as a new mother will trickle down on your baby and affect his or her health. This is why it … [Read more...]

Magnesium rich foods

magnesium rich foods

Billions are spent every year on multivitamin supplements and one of the bestsellers is magnesium. This mineral has record-breaking health benefits and is one of the most frequently prescribed by doctors. Most people believe that taking supplements … [Read more...]