What is the Sacred Heart Diet?


Much like the cabbage soup diet, the sacred heart diet has been ruled out by some as a fad diet, while others view it as a potential solution for weight loss. It is believed to have originated from the Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital, where patients … [Read more...]

Does the Food Lovers Diet Work?

food lovers diet

The food lovers diet has undergone a lot of criticism with its “eat anything you want and lose weight” tagline. However, beneath the surface, it is actually a reasonable weight loss program that is based on tried and proven methods. Believed by some … [Read more...]

What is considered as magnesium rich diet?

magnesium rich foods 2

Magnesium is much more than just an element on the periodic table. It is an essential mineral that directs and coordinates many processes in the body. From nerve function to digestion, it holds many benefits to your health. Eating a magnesium rich … [Read more...]

The Pros and Cons of Cabbage Soup Diet

cabbage soup diet

The cabbage soup diet has long been one of the best solutions to achieving rapid weight loss. Although it has been changed and adapted across cultures worldwide, the basic premise remains the same. The cabbage soup diet is a low-calorie meal plan … [Read more...]

Diabetic diet meal plan

diabetic diet

Whether you are diabetic or you’re trying to prevent it, being on a diabetic diet has benefits for everyone willing to lead a healthy lifestyle. This Diabetic Diet meal plan is not only designed to keep your blood sugar level, but can also be used … [Read more...]

Hypoglycemia Diet – Best and Worst Food to Eat

Foods for hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia does not only happen to diabetics. Virtually anyone can have a hypoglycemic episode where the blood sugar level drops to an unusual low. Unfortunately, it’s common for some to try and pack as much sugar back into their system as … [Read more...]

Alkaline Diet Foods

Alkaline Diet Foods

The alkaline diet is one of the most controversial and widely debated diets in the field of health and nutrition. Advocates of this health plan argue that eating alkaline diet foods can affect your body’s pH level. Alkaline-inducing foods are … [Read more...]

Best Food for an Upset Stomach

Best Food for an Upset Stomach

Whether it’s slight discomfort or a painful episode accompanied by diarrhoea and vomiting, an upset stomach is a sign of a glitch in your health. The severity depends on its cause. It could just be a full stomach caused by overeating, indigestion, … [Read more...]

Carb Lovers Diet

Carb Lovers Diet

The Carb Lovers Diet is all about eating the right carbohydrate rich food as part of a healthy meal. Hankering for carb-loaded food can be really tough to control. Since indulging on whopping amount of carbohydrates every day is not exactly an … [Read more...]

Food Group Diet

Food Group Diet

If someone tells you that you can eat as much as you want without gaining weight, would you believe it? Maybe not. You would probably raise an eyebrow and turn your back, right? Truth is, there is a weight loss program that will not deprive you to … [Read more...]