Food Review: Superdawg

Superdawg serves one of the best (or most likely the best) hotdogs in Chicago. A new branch just opened in Wheeling (333 S. Milwaukee Ave) and I was pretty excited to check it out.


Superdawg is one of the few drive-in restaurants left in the United States. They were able to preserve their style of food ordering which dates back to the 50’s. It is cool to see a designated speaker box with a complete list of menu items in each carport. Their ordering system is also something that is rarely seen at this time. A push of a button (on the left side within the blue frame) prompts the attendant to take your order. Once you place your order, a carhop delivers your order in a unique tray that hooks in your car window.

window tray

Last night, we tried their all-time special, the Superdawg. This is not a wiener – not a frankfurter – not a red hot – but their exclusive. This wonderful work of art comes with a poppy seed bun, pickled green tomatillo (I never tried any Chicago style hotdog that serves this), and rippled French fries which are all packed together in a medium-sized box.


superdawg 2

The superdawg tastes awesome. You can tell that the ingredients are of high quality and incomparable with the other Chicago style hotdogs around. The thick supershakes are also to die for. I can say that Superdawg is the best Chicago style hotdog that Ive had so far. The ambiance is great while the food and shakes are almost perfect. Though the price is a little way off than the competitors, the quality of the food and pleasant dining experience make up for it.

Food Review: Panda Express Beijing Beef

I felt that I needed a quick bite as I drove home from work. Luckily, I was about to pass-by a Panda Express location and decided to grab a box for dinner. I got a 2 entrée plate consisting of Orange Chicken, Beijing Beef, and Chow Mein for sides.

Panda Express Food Review
Panda Express Food Review

Let’s not talk about Orange chicken and Chow Mein for now because my attention is focused solely on Beijing Beef. However, you might want to check our Orange Chicken recipe post if you want to know more about it. As for the Chow Mein, the closest recipe that we have is the Pancit Canton– which I think is a better alternative.

There isn’t really anything extra-ordinary about the Beijing Beef – but I still like to have it once in a while. The flavor is probably the main reason why I like it. I am a fan of sweet and sour pork and this dish is pretty much similar – that is if you raise it to the next level. You’ll understand what I’m trying to say once you try one. After the first bite, the tangy taste immediately permeates in your mouth leaving you speechless – looking forward to the next bite. Since the flavor is so rich, it is advisable to balance it by having some sides (such as rice or noodles) while munching. The texture is unique compared to the other Chinese beef dishes that I had, so far. It also has the consistency of a fried flank steak but tender when chewed.

I guess what drove me to try this the first time was their massive advertising campaign. I got curious and eager to try this dish (which was a new addition during that time) to check the validity of their claim: Crispy, Tangy Tasty. Well…it is.

The next reason is probably the fact that I associate Panda Express with Chowking. My family enjoys the foods served in Chowking and we usually try to dine-in at least twice a month when we were still back home. Even though there are a lot of differences between the two, there isn’t any Chinese fast food resto in Chicago that I can compare Chowking with in terms of commercialization and accessibility (good thing our kababayans in California and Las Vegas can check-out the real deal. I’m not sure as to where the other international locations are, care to share some info? ).

I enjoy eating Beijing Beef and this is definitely something that you must try.

Cinnabon’s Cinnamon Roll

Who does not get inveigled on the aroma of a freshly baked cinnamon bun? That aroma got our attention and persuaded us to buy a boxful that is supposed to be consumed for dessert – it ended-up as an appetizer instead.

Cinnabon’s Cinnamon Roll is not your ordinary cinnamon roll. Imagine a big gooey roll bursting with all the sweetness and freshly baked smell that is really hard to resist. A single roll is more than enough for one person. Instead of just grabbing a piece and eat it as it is, I needed to use a knife and a fork to make things less messy. I can still picture the frosting while it drips down after the first slice – luscious. I was speechless, my taste buds exploded right after the first bite and all I can do was enjoy the array of flavor in my mouth. Continue reading Cinnabon’s Cinnamon Roll

Go Roma’s Sun-Dried Tomato & Goat Cheese Pizza


Pizza has now become a common food here in North America. There are different varieties that we can grab anytime and almost anywhere. While some address it as their comfort food, there are others who had enough and would rather have something else either because the flavor has been the same over and over or because of health reasons. Pizza restaurants (or pizza parlors) are aware of this that is why they are introducing an array of new pizza varieties for their customers.

I stumbled upon a delightful pizza variety during a friend’s birthday lunch-out. It was my first time to try the Sun-Dried Tomato & Goat Cheese Pizza of Go Roma and I found it to be a much healthier alternative compared to the common pizza available. The hand stretched crust of this artisan pizza is not greasy at all. It also tastes great; I would say that the goat cheese complimented the sun dried tomato or probably the other way around. Spinach and black olives are also arranged well over the crust. I am a certified carnivore but at this point I can say that not all good food necessarily needs to have meat.

As for the cost, Half Plank sells for $ 7.99 (good for 1-2 persons) and a Full plank is $ 13.99 (good 3-4 persons).

Potbelly’s A Wreck Sandwich


A Wreck” is a submarine sandwich from Potbelly Sandwich Works. It is made up of Black Angus roast beef, old world salami, oven roasted turkey breast, hickory smoked ham, and melted Swiss cheese. It also comes with mayo, mustard, hot peppers, lettuce, onion, tomato, pickle, oil, and Italian seasoning depending on your choice/s. As for the bread, you can choose between white (regular) and wheat.

If you don’t want to gain extra pounds, you should probably order the “Skinnys”. It is the same sandwich with less meat and cheese on thin-cut bread. This has 25% less fat than the original. Though this suggestion does not guarantee that you will not gain extra pounds, at least you are sure that your calorie intake will be lesser.


They also have the “Bigs”. This is the same sandwich but 30% bigger. This is definitely a colossal sub that would satisfy any appetite. I wonder if an ordinary guy like me could still stand up after having one.

The price is not that bad. The “Originals” (regular) sells for $4.40 a piece (+ tax) and you can get the “Bigs” for a buck more (+ tax).

I enjoy eating this sandwich because it has the entire flavor that I want and it fills me easily. Since I can only finish a half of it for lunch, I can eat the other half for dinner which saves me time and money.

Old Country Buffet’s $5.99 breakfast


Old Country Buffet is currently advertising their $5.99 weekend buffet breakfast and since this is only for a limited time, we decided to give it a try right away. Upon arriving at the restaurant, I was astonished by the number of people waiting in line to be seated. The line is long enough to reach the entrance and at this point I was thinking of going back and have breakfast elsewhere but the enticing aroma kept us waiting in line.

Expect the dining area to be crowded (I would say double the size of the crowd on a typical dinner) and anticipate to fall in line again when getting the food (but its ok since it doesn’t take that long). These are all normal effects of having a lot of people dining. Anyway, I’m sure that you won’t mind the long wait and the crowded room after tasting the food.

The food is still fine despite the low price and number of guests that stormed the restaurant. The usual breakfast entrees are still served and the taste did not change at all. The breakfast menu is listed below.

  • Carved Ham
  • Bacon
  • Eggs Benedict
  • Corned Beef Hash
  • French Toast
  • Hash Brown
  • Sausage
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Fresh Fruits
  • Biscuits and Country gravy
  • Waffles
  • Buttermilk Pancakes
  • Country Fried Steak
  • Pastries
  • Quiche

I would say that the $5.99 weekend buffet breakfast is still a good bang for your buck. Imagine having all those wonderful breakfast entrees for a fraction of the cost. I’m sure that most can save their lunch money since feeling hungry could wait until almost dinner time.

Food Review: Volcano Nachos from Taco Bell


Volcano Nachos is the newest addition to Taco Bell’s Volcano Menu. It is basically composed of Taco Bell’s ordinary tortilla chips topped with ground beef, beans, tortilla strips (red),cheese, Volcano Sauce, jalapenos, and sour cream (reduced fat as adverised).

The first time I saw this was when we drove through our neigborhood Taco Bell branch. The picture on the poster was so appealing as if its tempting me to give it a try. I was hesitant to order the Volcano Nacho at first because I was thinking that it is just a dressed-up Nachos Bell Grande and the price is something to think about (it costs more or less $3.79 a piece). Continue reading Food Review: Volcano Nachos from Taco Bell