Fried Fish Adobo

Fried Fish Adobo

Crispy fried fish tastes good, but crispy fried fish adobo will take your taste buds to the next level. This was what  learned when I tried to fry fish that was already cooked inadobo. There is this infused flavor in the fish that made it more tasty and appealing to the palate. It was even better … [Read more...]

Easy Afritada

Easy Afritada

Easy Afritada is another version of pork afritada.  This recipe will guide you on how to prepare your favorite pork afritada with ease and confidence. My secret for a good afritada recipe, and for any other meat recipes, is the quality of the meat. I see to it that I use the freshest possible meat … [Read more...]

Breakfast Reuben Sandwich

Breakfast Reuben Sandwich

Nothing completes breakfast than a rich and delicious Breakfast Reuben Sandwich. It is like enjoying a Reuben Sandwich and en Eggs Benedict at the same time. This simple recipe will guide you on how to easily make your own Breakfast Reuben Sandwich in no time. I like to have this with either a cup … [Read more...]

Clam Soup (Tinolang Halaan)

Clam Soup

Every time I crave for a simple seafood soup dish, I always think of the Filipino clam soup called tinolang halaan. I love the soothing effect of clam soup and it makes me feel comfortable; it also helps relieve my congestion when I have the cold. I get the clams packaged in my local grocery store. … [Read more...]

Easy Chicken Parm

chicken parm

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Marinated Grilled Shrimp

marinated grilled shrimp

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Blueberry Greek Yogurt Smoothie

Blueberry Greek Yogurt Smoothie

Blueberry Greek Yogurt Smoothie has always been part of my week. I enjoy having blueberry smoothie for breakfast when I feel that I don't need caffeine. I liked the idea of having smoothies for breakfast because they go well with most of the fruits that I like, such as bananas and apples. You might … [Read more...]

Easy Meatballs

Easy Meatball Recipe

Meatballs are perfect to have for lunch. You can eat them with bread or sub -- and make meatball subs out of them, or you can enjoy them as a topping for spaghetti and other pasta dishes. Another good way to enjoy meatball is to simply sip them with your favorite sauce --like sweet and sour sauce, … [Read more...]

Chicken Pasta Casserole

chicken pasta casserole

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Chicken Pita

chicken pita

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