Pinangat na Isda Recipe

Pinangat na Isda

Pinangat na Isda is a Filipino Fish dish. There are two popular versions of Pinangat: the sour version using bilimbi (kamias); and the Bicol version with gata. This recipe is the sour version. Pinangat na Isda is one of the simple Filipino Food that … [Read more...]

Cornbread Recipe

Corn Bread

A Cornbread is a type of bread made with cornmeal. It is considered as a quick bread (these breads that take lesser time to make); this type of bread can be made using different cooking methods. This is an easy Cornbread Recipe that you can doi … [Read more...]

Ginataang Puso ng Saging Recipe

Ginataang Puso ng Saging

Ginataang Puso ng Saging are banana blossoms cooked in coconut milk (or coconut cream). "Ginataan" is a Filipino term which means to cook in coconut milk or coconut cream. "Puso ng Saging", on the otherhand, literally means Banana heart. We all … [Read more...]

Angel Food Cake with Strawberries

Angel Food Cake wih Strawberries

Angel Food Cake is a popular sponge cake in the US. This light and airy cake is regarded as food for the angels, because of its properties.This type of cake resembles the texture of a famous mini sponge cake in the Philippines called "Mamon". The … [Read more...]

Seasoned Tofu

Seasoned Tofu

Seasoned Tofu are fried tofu served in a mixture of Asian seasoning.This is a good appetizer, and even a meal by itself. Tofu is a good source of protein. This is often used as a substitute for meat. If you have a high level of cholesterol and … [Read more...]

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Pineapple Upside Down Cake was invented during the 20's. This was the time when canned pineapples were introduced by Dole. There were different pineapple recipes presented during that time -- Pineapple Upside Down Cake seems to be a favorite as … [Read more...]



Escabeche is a type of sweet and sour fish recipe. There are many version of Escabeche around. This version that we have here is probably the most simple of all. However, the taste will not be as simple as it seems because this recipe has all … [Read more...]

Pansit Miki Guisado Recipe

Pansit Miki Guisado

Pansit Miki are fresh thick egg noodles. These noodles are thicker than the egg noodles used in beef mami, and a little thinner compared to Lomi noodles. Pansit Miki Guisado is a stir-fry noodle dish. Similar to pancit canton, this dish can be … [Read more...]

Mixed Seafood in Coconut Milk Recipe

Mixed Seafood in Coconut Milk

The Philippines is famous for dishes that use coconut milk. This method of cooking is locally referred to as "Ginataan or Guinataan", which means to cook in coconut milk. There are many famous regional dishes that make use coconut milk. Laing, … [Read more...]

Asian Chicken Barbecue Submarine Sandwich

Chicken Barbecue Sandwich

Have some BBQ chicken Sandwich. Do you have some boneless chicken breasts piled-up in the freezer? What do you plan to do with it? Chicken salad sounds nice -- so is Chicken Marsala. If you want something simple and delicious, you should try … [Read more...]