Special Goto Recipe

Special Goto

Goto is a type of rice porridge with innards of either pig or cow. This Special Goto Recipe uses both ox tripe and pig intestine. Goto has been famous in the Philippines because it is affordable and can easily satisfy hunger. This has also been a … [Read more...]

Chicken Teriyaki, Brown Rice, and Sunny Side Up Egg Recipe

chicken teriyaki meal

Chicken Teriyaki, Brown Rice, and Sunny Side Up Egg Recipe sounds like a good idea for lunch or breakfast ā€“ if you intend to eat something heavy for breakfast. This is a complete meal that can satisfy your hungry tummy anytime of the day. Iā€™m not … [Read more...]

Taco Fried Rice Recipe

Taco Fried Rice

Filipino food is awesome, but sometimes there is a craving for other dishes. If you crave for Mexican and Chinese at given time, the best way is to satisfy your desire by preparing a dish that represents both ā€“ like Taco fried rice. You are in luck … [Read more...]

Chicken Egg Fried Rice Recipe

Chicken Egg Fried Rice Recipe

Here is another chicken egg fried rice recipe that you can easily make when you are craving for one. It is delicious and can be completed in less than 20 minutes. I used to crave for chicken egg fried rice and I am sharing this recipe so you too will … [Read more...]

Simple Kimchi Fried Rice

Kimchi Fried Rice

Simple Kimchi Fried Rice is the simplest fried rice recipe that involves kimchi. All I have here are kimchi, rice, and the oils (sesame and vegetable oil) used for stir-frying. This mild recipe is intended for people who are just starting to enjoy … [Read more...]

Adobo Fried Rice

Adobo Fried Rice

Adobo Fried Rice sounds like a good idea for your leftover rice and adobo. This simple fried rice recipe is quick and easy to prepare. This is best served for breakfast with Filipino omelet or sunny-side-up fried egg. The success of this dish will … [Read more...]

Arroz Valenciana

Arroz Valenciana

Arroz Valenciana is a dish similar to Paella. The Filipino version of this dish makes use of coconut milk, malagkit (glutinous or sweet rice), boiled eggs, and chorizo, which is what this recipe is all about. Arroz Valenciana is served during … [Read more...]

Arroz Caldo with tokwa

Arroz Caldo with Tokwa

5.0 from 2 reviews Arroz Caldo with tokwa   Author: Sheryl Roxas Recipe type: Shared Recipe Cuisine: Filipino Serves: 8 Cook time: 45 mins Total time: 45 mins   This is my simple Arroz Caldo with tokwa recipe. I prepare this … [Read more...]

Easy Champorado Recipe

Champorado Recipe

Easy Champorado Recipe is a chocolate rice pudding variation that uses pure chocolate known as tablea. You will find this real simple and quick. I like to have champorado for breakfast. I grew-up adding powdered full cream milk in it instead of … [Read more...]

Paella Mixta Recipe

Paella Mixta

Paella Mixta or Mixed Paella is another delicious Paella Variation that I enjoy eating. This recipe involves both seafood and meat. As for the seafood, we will use mussels, shrimp, and clams. The meat is composed of chicken, chorizo, and rabbit. … [Read more...]