Breakfast Reuben Sandwich

Breakfast Reuben Sandwich

Nothing completes breakfast than a rich and delicious Breakfast Reuben Sandwich. It is like enjoying a Reuben Sandwich and en Eggs Benedict at the same time. This simple recipe will guide you on how to easily make your own Breakfast Reuben Sandwich in no time. I like to have this with either a cup … [Read more...]

Chicken Pita

chicken pita

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Reuben Sandwich

Reuben Sandwich

Reuben Sandwich is a type of warm deli corned beef sandwich with sauerkraut and cheese. There have been many Reuben sandwich variations throughout the years, and this is one of the basic and simple recipes around. I really enjoy having Reuben sandwich. I like how the taste of tender corned combined … [Read more...]

Tuna Swiss Melt Sandwich

Tuna Melt Sandwich

Tuna Swiss Melt Sandwich makes a perfect lunch or breakfast. Besides being one of the best tuna sandwiches around, Tuna melt sandwich is quick and easy to prepare. This is ideal for busy people who do not want to sacrifice the quality of their food. I love to have sandwiches for lunch and this … [Read more...]

Quick Roast Beef Sandwich

roast beef sandwich

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Bacon and Avocado Sandwich

bacon and avocado sandwich

Bacon and Avocado Sandwich is a quick and easy meal that you can enjoy for breakfast or lunch. I thought that the bacon and avocado are a good combination especially when paired with a rich and tasty spread such as mayonnaise and Dijon mustard. This Bacon and Avocado Sandwich have both good taste … [Read more...]

Easy Roast Beef Sandwich

Roast Beef Sandwich

There is nothing like a good roast beef sandwich for lunch. Some like it with a thick and rich soup while others enjoy it better with potato chips. This Easy Roast Beef Sandwich Recipe is a no brainer. This is probably the simplest sandwich construction guide that you will ever see. The good thing … [Read more...]

Spam and Egg Sandwich

Spam and Egg Sandwich

Spam and Egg Sandwich is a very simple sandwich that anyone can make. You might have done this before and may have your own recipe. This recipe is to show everyone my simplest approach. Spam and Egg Sandwich can be more enjoyable if you add lettuce, tomato, and pickles. Feel free to add bacon … [Read more...]

Beef Empanada

beef empanada

Beef Empanada (also called empanadas) is a type of ground beef turnover. Empanada is of Hispanic influence which was adopted by the colonies and prepared according to the local preference. For example, the empanada in Spain is not exactly the same as those in Latin American countries, and even in … [Read more...]

Pulled Chicken BBQ Sandwich recipe

Pulled Chicken BBQ Sandwich

I enjoyed eating pulled chicken sandwich. This is similar to pulled pork sandwich except that we use boneless and skinless breast for this recipe. We’ll use a slow cooker to make pulled chicken BBQ sandwich. Slow cooking releases the entire flavor from the chicken while making it tender. This … [Read more...]