Pata Pochero Recipe

Pata Pochero

Pata Pochero is a soup dish composed of cut pork legs or pork hocks, potatoes, ripe saba banana (plantains), Calabaza squash (kalabasa), and bok choy (pechay). This simple soup recipe is very comforting. You can enjoy pochero during lunch or dinner. … [Read more...]

Laswa Recipe


Similar to bulanglang and dinengdeng, Laswa is a healthy vegetable soup that makes use of any available vegetables from the backyard. This dish originated from the province of Iloilo in the Philippines. What makes Laswa unique from other related … [Read more...]

Misua with Ground Beef and Zucchini Soup

Misua with Ground Beef and Zucchini

Misua with Ground Beef and Zucchini is a delicious soup recipe that you ought to try. This recipe makes use of Misua, which are thin flour noodles. It is also known as Chinese vermicelli. Aside from being delicious, this soup dish can be prepared … [Read more...]

Easy Chicken Tinola Recipe

Easy Chicken Tinola

Chicken Tinola is a Filipino Chicken Soup Dish. This is composed of chicken and vegetables along with a good amount of ginger. There are many ways to prepare Chicken Tinola. This recipe is another way of making this cold weather favorite in a much … [Read more...]

Corn Chowder Recipe

Corn Chowder

Corn Chowder is a type of thick soup or vegetable stew. This is made from cream style corn along with some bacon or prosciutto. All chowders use some sort of cream to make the dish richer. This recipe makes use of half and half. I understand that … [Read more...]

Chicken Soup Recipe

Chicken Soup Recipe

Chicken Soup is not only delicious and comforting; it also has healing and soothing properties. This easy recipe will guide you in preparing your own chicken soup in no time. For most of us, our parents often serve chicken soup when we are not … [Read more...]

Fish Ball Soup Recipe

Fish Ball Soup

Fish Ball Soup is a nice tasting fish soup with scallions and bok choy. Minced fish fillet is made into a ball by adding tapioca starch and minced scallions. The first thing that needs to be done in preparing this fish ball soup recipe is the fish … [Read more...]

Turkey Noodle Soup Recipe

Turkey Noodle Soup

Making Turkey Noodle Soup is another way to consume your leftover turkey – even the parts with bones. This is a very simple yet delicious soup recipe that you will surely enjoy anytime of the day especially during a cold day. I started by boiling … [Read more...]

Fish in Ginger Soup Recipe

Filipino Fish in Ginger Soup Recipe

This Fish in Ginger Soup Recipe is similar to the Pesang Isda Recipe, except that this has more soup and we are using malunggay leaves here, which is known to provide more vitamins and nutrients to our body. You should attempt to follow Fish in … [Read more...]

Chicken Asparagus Soup Recipe

Chicken Asparagus Soup

Chicken Asparagus Soup is another good recipe to make with this wonderful vegetable. You might have tried some of our asparagus recipes such as: asparagus soup, grilled asparagus recipe, and asparagus salad -- this one that we have here is also as … [Read more...]