Kilawing Puso ng Saging


Kilawing Puso ng Saging is a Filipino recipe involving banana blossoms. This is considered as a vegetable dish wherein the blossoms are sauteed with garlic and onion and cooked in vinegar. We can consider Kilawing Puso ng Saging as a simple recipe that can be cooked during … [Read more...]

Squid Ball Chop Suey

Squid Ball Chopsuey

Squid Ball Chop Suey is a Chop Suey variation that makes use of squid balls instead of the usual meat ingredients. This recipe is simple, delicious, and easy to follow. Once you have all the ingredients, let me help and guide you to prepare the dish by watching the cooking video … [Read more...]

Vegetable Spring Roll

vegetable spring roll

Vegetable spring roll is a fried spring roll variation that makes use of vegetables such as cabbage, carrots, and bean sprouts as ingredients. This dish is quick and easy to prepare. It can be enjoyed  more when dipped in your favorite dipping sauce. Vegetable spring roll can … [Read more...]

Steamed Okra and Bagoong

Steamed Okra and Bagoong

Steamed Okra and Bagoong is a very simple Filipino appetizer consisting of okra and shrimp paste. This can also be considered as a main dish. Okra is steamed, blanched, and then served with shrimp paste. This is eaten by dipping the vegetable on the shrimp paste to add … [Read more...]

Sautéed String Beans with Chicken

Sauteed String Beans with Chicken

Sautéed String Beans with Chicken is another easy dinner recipe that we have for you. This recipe involves string beans, which are locally known in the Philippines as “sitaw”. This dish resembles ginisang sitaw in some ways. I like having Sautéed String Beans with Chicken … [Read more...]