Billy's BBQ Chicken Recipe

5.0 from 2 reviews Billy's BBQ Chicken Recipe   Author: William S. Recipe type: BBQ Chicken Recipe Prep time:  30 mins Cook time:  35 mins Total time:  1 hour 5 mins Save Print An easy BBQ chicken recipe anyone can do. Use your favorite BBQ sauce for basting. Ingredients 3 pounds chicken that are cut in serving pieces ¾ … [Read more...]

Banana Yogurt Smoothie

Banana Yogurt Smoothie   Author: Jessica T. Recipe type: Smoothie Recipe Prep time:  5 mins Total time:  5 mins Save Print Amazingly creamy and yummy. I learned this recipe from my barista friend in high school and I still use the same recipe to make the perfect banana yogurt smoothie until today. Ingredients 2 fresh ripe bananas 2 cups … [Read more...]

Delicious Oven Baked Potatoes

Delicious Oven Baked Potatoes   Author: Cindy Recipe type: Potato Recipe Prep time:  10 mins Cook time:  52 mins Total time:  1 hour 2 mins Save Print These is a perfect side dish for roast chicken or simply anything. These oven baked potatoes will make your day. Ingredients 4 medium baking potatoes (washed and cubed) 3 tsp … [Read more...]

Friday Chicken Noodle Soup

Friday Chicken Noodle Soup   Author: Terry Adams Recipe type: Soups Prep time:  15 mins Cook time:  45 mins Total time:  1 hour Save Print My granny makes chicken noodle soup with milk for supper every Friday. She handed her recipe to me when I started my own family. Can't wait for Friday? Ingredients 7 oz. sliced boneless … [Read more...]

Quick Roast Beef Sandwich

5.0 from 1 reviews Quick Roast Beef Sandwich   Author: John B. Recipe type: Sandwiches Prep time:  5 mins Cook time:  2 mins Total time:  7 mins Save Print A quick roast beef sandwich is all I needed to start my day. It is not a fancy recipe but it comes out delish. Ingredients 4 slices whole grain bread 7 ounces thinly sliced … [Read more...]