It is summer time again (here in North America). Time to clean the grill and get it running again. Steak, hot dogs, burger and bratwurst are some of the favorite foods to grill in this part of the world. However, we are not limited to these selections. I chose to follow my cravings by grilling barbecue. I miss the grilled pork barbecue in the Philippines. Back in the days, I … [Read more...]

Delicious Warm Bulalo

Bulalo is a type of beef soup that is popular in the Philippines. This beef soup recipe is made using beef shank. It is important to use shank in making Bulalo because of the large bones attached to it. These bones contain marrows, which makes this dish very likeable. I love to eat Bulalo, but I make sure that I don't have it on a regular basis for health reasons. As they … [Read more...]

Beer Battered Cream Dory Fillet with Toyomansi

Have you heard about a fish called Cream Dory? If you are thinking about the movie Nemo, this is not Dory the fish that I am referring. Please, she is too cute to be cooked. Cream Dory is another name for Pangasius, a white meat fresh water fish that are widely cultured in Asia. Pangasius is classified as a member of the Pangasiidae family. There are several varieties of … [Read more...]

How about Batchoy Sisig?

Who wants to try this delicious sisig? This sisig dish that I made for lunch is one of the best sisig versions that I ever had. I am saying this not because I am the one who made it -- it is really good. Would you believe that this dish is composed of leftover meat and innards from the batchoy that I prepared the other day? Yes, it is true. I intentionally added more meat … [Read more...]

An Improved Meatloaf Recipe

Are you looking for the best meatloaf recipe, but could not find one? I was looking for the same thing too, and I ended-up making a good enough meatloaf dish. Although the meatloaf that I made was good, I felt that it can use some more ingredients to make it better. After a few months of experimenting and some tips from friends, I think that I was able to come-up with a … [Read more...]