What is the difference between feta cheese and goat cheese?

difference between feta cheese and goat cheese

There is a common misconception that feta cheese is a type of goat cheese. This is not true. However, a closer look at the sources of the milk used to produce these cheeses shows why many can assume that. Feta cheese and goat cheese differ from … [Read more...]

What is a truffle?

what is a truffle

Well-known as a delicacy for the wealthy, truffles are flavorful mushrooms that are commonly harvested in Europe, Asia and parts of Africa. They are a rare commodity that can be found on plates around the world. Difficult to grow and even harder to … [Read more...]

Sous Chef Job Description

sous chef job description

The sous chef job description is a lengthy one. This is because sous chefs are only second to the executive or head chef. Second in command, they are required to oversee almost every aspect of a commercial kitchen. Being a sous chef is a privileged … [Read more...]

How long do you bake salmon?

How long do you bake salmon

When cooked properly, salmon can be richly nutritious and delicious. It is available in different types, cuts and sizes. It can be cooked in several ways, but baking tends to be simpler and quicker. Because it is such a delicate fish, it’s easy to … [Read more...]

More buttermilk substitute suggestions

more buttermilk substitute

Finding a great buttermilk substitute has been the headache of casual and professional cooks alike. Because buttermilk can sometimes be challenging to find and store, it is wise to learn how to create a replacement that can match its texture and … [Read more...]

What are the different steak cuts?

steak cuts

From barbeques to gourmet meals, beef is served daily on millions of dinner tables worldwide. Although it is widely consumed, only a few know the different steak cuts that affect its tenderness, flavor and price. Steak cuts refer to the part of the … [Read more...]