Top 10 Filipino Christmas Recipes

The Filipino Christmas tradition won't be complete without Noche Buena (Christmas Eve Dinner). During this special meal, families and friends gather together to share a delightful meal and wish everyone a Joyous Christmas. The dishes served usually comes from the Family's Christmas Recipe collection, or they can be something special and only prepared once a year. Does your … [Read more...]

10 Well Loved Filipino Desserts

Dessert is the last course of the meal; some people consider this as the best part. Well, who wouldn't? I think that it is -- especially if we are talking about Filipino Desserts. Every time I think of sweets, Leche Flan always appears in my mind. Obviously, it is my favorite. I also grew up enjoying my grandma's creation, which I think is the best Leche Flan recipe ever. … [Read more...]

25 Filipino Recipes to Enjoy with the Family

There is nothing more exciting than eating together as a family – sharing a meal that everyone loves – enjoying every little conversation. Family means everything for Filipinos. It is the center of everyone’s life. The best way to value the relationship is to have constant communication, do activities together, and share the blessings by enjoying our favorite meals – all … [Read more...]

Ice Candy

Ever had Ice candy before? To those who are clueless, Ice Candy is a type of frozen refreshment ideal to beat the heat of summer. The two common varieties of Ice Candy are fruits and Chocolate.   Almost any fruit can be used to make Ice Candy. Oranges, mango, and melon are among the most commonly used. However, there are creative individuals who went beyond the norm by … [Read more...]


Have you tried eating Kropek? How do you like it? Kropek are fried prawn flavored crackers made from starch or tapioca flour, and other seasonings.This is considered as a street food in the Philippines. Kropeks are peddled by vendors in the middle of the road, usually during the rush hours when traffic is really terrible. When I was in the Philippines, Kropek has been my … [Read more...]