Foods with prebiotics

foods with prebiotics

Foods with prebiotics are fast becoming well sought after items because of their huge benefit on intestinal health. While most tend to mistake prebiotics for probiotics, the two are usually consumed together to treat all forms of stomach and bowel conditions like diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome … [Read more...]

Best Power Foods

power foods

The term “power foods” is used loosely in the diet and fitness world to describe food that provides all kinds of health benefits. Power foods have been officially defined as nutrient dense foods that contain properties needed to achieve and maintain good health, especially of the heart. It is … [Read more...]

What are convenience foods?

convenience foods

Convenience food is any item of food that is prepared before you purchase it. It also involves some kind of packaging and made available in food stores. There are certain preservatives, chemicals and ingredients added to them to enable them to last longer because it might take a long time before … [Read more...]

Foods with Selenium

foods with Selenium

If more people knew about the health benefits of selenium, more will be stocking their kitchens with foods with selenium. It’s a mineral that the body cannot manufacture so your body depends on your diet for a supply. No one can maintain their well-being without a regular intake of it and … [Read more...]

Is frozen food as healthy as fresh food?

Is frozen food as healthy as fresh food

Consumers have been eating frozen foods for years and it is only natural that the question “is frozen food as healthy as fresh food” should arise. If you’ve been wondering if you should choose fresh over frozen, you’ll be happy to know that the answer is “yes, they do have more or less the same … [Read more...]