Soluble fiber foods

soluble fiber foods

In general, all fiber is good for your health and foods containing it should be part of your daily meal plan. However, not all fiber is the same. The type of fiber you receive from … [Read more...]

Natural laxative food

Natural laxative food

Next time you feel constipated, you can skip taking a laxative pill and snack on natural laxative food instead. Many have accepted constipation and other digestive problems as part … [Read more...]

Foods to eat while breastfeeding

Foods to eat while breastfeeding

For the first few months of life, babies depend on their mothers for nutrition. Most of those essential nutrients are derived from breast milk. What you eat as a new mother will … [Read more...]

Magnesium rich foods

magnesium rich foods

Billions are spent every year on multivitamin supplements and one of the bestsellers is magnesium. This mineral has record-breaking health benefits and is one of the most … [Read more...]

High Folate Foods


It’s easy to forget that our bodies are made up of trillions of cells that get damaged and are replaced by new ones every day. Folate is the vitamin that fuels this daily process … [Read more...]