How to increase metabolism

How to increase metabolism

You might not know this but you can set the pace and increase metabolism from the moment you wake up in the morning. Weight loss products and baseless tips make boosting your metabolism sound tough. In reality, it is easy and achievable. All you have … [Read more...]

Good food for a high fiber breakfast

high fiber breakfast

Any decent dietician or nutritionist recommends starting every day with a high fiber breakfast. Why is this good health advice? Without enough fiber in your diet, it is likely that you will suffer from digestive problems in the long run. Fibrous … [Read more...]

Nutrient dense foods

nutrient dense foods

Nutrient dense foods are essentially foods that contain large qualities of many nutrients without containing too many calories. Nutrients include vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein, fatty acids and healthy fats. Because of busy lifestyles and hoards … [Read more...]

7 foods that damage the liver

food that damage the liver

Most alcohol drinkers like to joke about the effect of alcohol on the liver but there are in fact several other foods that damage the liver that you might be consuming every day. When this vital organ malfunctions, the symptoms you can experience can … [Read more...]

Foods with prebiotics

foods with prebiotics

Foods with prebiotics are fast becoming well sought after items because of their huge benefit on intestinal health. While most tend to mistake prebiotics for probiotics, the two are usually consumed together to treat all forms of stomach and bowel … [Read more...]

Best Power Foods

power foods

The term “power foods” is used loosely in the diet and fitness world to describe food that provides all kinds of health benefits. Power foods have been officially defined as nutrient dense foods that contain properties needed to achieve and … [Read more...]