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15 Creative Recipe Ideas for Ground Meat

ground pork

So, you still have that ground pork, beef, or chicken sitting in the fridge for days now. I bet that you either impulsively bought it when you saw the … [Read more...]



Ukoy is the Filipino version of shrimp fritters. Small shrimps (usually with head and shell on) are mixed in a batter and fried until crispy. This is … [Read more...]

The Panlasang Pinoy Experience

Marias French Fries

Are you one of the many who tried our tested recipes and enjoyed them? Do you occasionally shoot photographs of dishes that you made? If so, we love … [Read more...]

12 Filipino Foods to Have During the Holy Week

Filipino Foods

Holy Week is about to start tomorrow (it officially started in the Philippines today) and it has been a practice among Roman Catholics to abstain from … [Read more...]

12 Effective Ways to Lose Weight without Dieting

Lose Weight Without Dieting

Losing weight fast can be easy as far as dieting is concerned although this is not for everyone. Dieting involves sticking into certain food groups … [Read more...]

Max’s style Fried Chicken

Max Fried Chicken

Max's style Fried Chicken is a copycat recipe of the popular and delicious Fried Chicken dish served by Max's Restaurant. We are using Cornish game … [Read more...]

Cheese Sticks


Cheese sticks are deep-fried snacksĀ composed of sliced cheeses wrapped in spring roll wrapper. This is totally different from the cheese sticks that … [Read more...]