How to Debone a Milkfish

Requests for the procedure in deboning milkfish or Bangus are piling-up and I need to do something about it – pronto. Since I am not an expert on this topic, I took the time to search the internet for quality information that could satisfy everyone’s curiosity. Who knows, maybe this could be a good business opportunity for some of you out there.

What do I know about deboning milkfish? None – but I love to eat fried deboned milkfish though (Fried Bangus).

After a few hours of research, I think that I found a quality post that will surely feed your hungry minds. But before that, let me first share to you the lessons that I learned from the articles that I read so far.

  • Deboning Bangus or milkfish is a complex task. This is a skill that needs to be mastered; it requires time and a lot of practice.
  • If you think that manually cleaning a milkfish by removing the fins, innards, and scales is troublesome, wait till you see how the bones are manually removed piece-by-piece.
  • Complicated and hard as it may seem, this skill can be a good source of income for our business minded readers. Always remember that people will likely buy readily deboned Bangus rather than make one for their consumption – I am a living proof (I know that most of you are too).

The article that I was referring to was posted by Leo of EntrePinoys Atbp. I chanced by his blog after searching the topic in Google. By far, his procedure on How to Debone Bangus is the most useful and sensible post that I read.

I also searched YouTube for videos that can guide you on this topic. Here is what I got: