Just in Time for Lunch: Ginisang Monggo with Dilis

It’s almost lunchtime, you woke-up realizing that you weren’t able to shop for groceries the day before. Eating out is not an option; you know that something needs to be prepared – anything. What will you do? Improvise. Search for available food items in your pantry or fridge and make something out of them. What if you didn’t find anything? Well, stop reading this and run to … [Read more...]

Sinangag na Dilis: What do you pair this with?

It has been over a year since I last tried cooking Sinangag na Dilis. As I shop for tuyo a few days ago, I noticed the dried anchovies (pinatuyong dilis) lying on the same rack. I thought that it is about time to make myself some crispy sinangag out of it – so, I grabbed a pack. Cooking sinangag na dilis is similar to frying other dried fish; however, I always use less cooking … [Read more...]