Dinuguan Laman-Loob

Dinuguan or Blood Stew is a dish wherein pig or cow’s blood is cooked with meat and other ingredients. This is considered as an authentic Filipino food and is best eaten with steamed rice buns called “puto”. Unlike our previous Pork Dinuguan recipe, this version makes use of the pig’s innards. The heart, liver, and intestines are sautéed to reduce the gamy scent then mixed … [Read more...]

Dinuguan Recipe

Dinuguan is a dish that is mainly comprised of pork meat (and most often pork innards such as small and large intestines) and pork blood. This is also known as "Blood Stew" or Pork Blood Stew. Even though some Southeast Asian and European countries have their own pork blood dishes, Dinuguan is considered unique due to the use vinegar and long green pepper. In this version, you … [Read more...]