How to Start a Food Blog

Food Blog

Expectations: Know what niche to blog about. Learn how to choose domain names and webhost Publish your first blog post This article will guide you on how to start a blog about food or any topic within your interest. I will share with you the same steps that I took when I was starting … [Read more...]

Burger Steak

Burger Steak

Burger Steak or hamburger steak is a popular fast food menu in the Philippines. Flavorful burger patties (usually made from beef) are pan fried and topped with gravy and sliced button mushrooms. Although this looks similar to Salisbury steak, there are some differences in the ingredients and … [Read more...]

Ube Halaya


Ube Halaya is a dessert made from boiled and grated purple yam which is locally known in the Philippines as “Ube”. Aside from Ube Halaya, different desserts and pastries such as ice cream, tarts, and cakes makes use of this root crop. In this presentation, I used a ready-made boiled grated ube … [Read more...]



Tahô is a Philippine street food sold by peddlers known as “magtataho”. It is a soft gelatin-like snack made from processed soybeans topped with caramel and tapioca pearls (locally called sago). The soft gelatin-like texture is achieved by undergoing a series of steps. Soybeans are soaked in water … [Read more...]