Let’s Make Tusok-tusok the Fish Ball

Fish Balls are probably the most popular Philippine street food enjoyed by people from all walks of life. These flat circular treat is no stranger to anyone; in fact, its vendors who pushes wooden carts (or pedal bicycles with sidecar) are regular sights in the streets of Metro Manila.

Do you enjoy eating fish balls? Most of us (regardless of age and social status) enjoy eating fish balls because it is affordable and it is simply likeable. There really isn’t anything special or extra ordinary about this food but everyone seems to indulge in it for some reason.


Fish balls on the pan

During my time in college, jokes about school wars are a hit; each school has their own jokes with punch-lines intended to hit a rival colleges or universities. Among these jokes is one that imitates how a female student of a high profile college expresses her intention to skewer the cooked fish balls that were already floating in oil. That is where the phrase “let’s make tusok-tusok the fish balls” came about.

Do you have any idea on how to make commercialized quality fish balls? I too have no idea. But since many of you are asking for the commercialized fish ball recipe, I tried surfing the web to qualify some recipes that are claiming to be one. On all the sites that I’ve skimmed, one recipe looks promising. Check out this Fish Ball Recipe for Food Cart Business.

If you have any experience or idea in making commercialized quality fish balls, we love to hear and learn from you. Please drop us a comment anytime.