Disadvantages of the Food Lovers Diet

For every diet program, there will always be risks and disadvantages. You can’t really be completely satisfied especially during the beginning of every program because starting a diet means you need to relinquish several of your comfort zones when it comes to food and exercise. You also need to get used to a new routine and some restrictions imposed on you by your diet program of your own choosing. So, let’s take a look at the new Food Lovers Diet and see what disadvantages there are, if there are any.

One of the main attractions for those who follow and who are interested to follow the Food Lovers Diet is that you can eat anything you want with this program. That in itself is both an advantage and a disadvantage. It’s an advantage because it doesn’t curtail your choices for food which is the number one reason why ultimately several diet programs fail. You become depressed and angry when you can’t eat what you want or when you feel like you’re being deprived or starved for food that you love. It becomes a disadvantage when you can’t learn to control what you eat despite having the guide and the information presented to you.Food Lovers Diet

Sometimes, the problem with people is that they immediately expect results to happen as soon as they open the material and start the program. Sometimes, they don’t even take the time to read through the informational package which tells them how to proceed with the Food Lovers plan. If they believe that you can really eat anything and start to do so without any moderation and without any guide, you can’t expect to lose weight. That’s why some of them think that the program is a scam or a fake. They didn’t take into consideration the planning and preparation needed to get you on your way with deciding on your new meal plans.

Another disadvantage that can also result from not reading the material is that people will not understand how to apportion their meals. They may fall under the misconception that when they’re encouraged to eat more times in a day, they can eat huge servings of their favorite food every time. What the Food Lovers Diet program encourages is eating in smaller portions with the right combination of nutrients to make a balanced meal.

It will take some time to get used to the kind of discipline the Food Lovers Diet program teaches especially when you’re used to eating three huge meals in a day. Learning to eat smaller portions even with your favorite foods can make people impatient and cranky because they have to adjust and eve their stomachs have to get used to it. But in the long run, you should view it as a move to a healthier lifestyle in which you can eat what you want, just a taste really to satisfy your cravings, and still manage to lose weight and keep it off.

Food Lovers Diet – Lose Weight by Eating Your Favorite Foods

It seems so odd that dieting does not have to entail forgetting about the food that you love, right? Yes, this may sound too good to be true. However, that is the basic premise of the food lovers diet. You do not have to starve or even deprive yourself from the foods that you enjoy eating. The only restriction is that you should not eat those which went through processes (like preservation and treatment) and avoid the ones with high amount of unnatural ingredients (like monosodium glutamate, preservatives, food color and preservatives).

How can food lovers diet help you lose weight?

First, this diet will help you set realistic expectations. Usually, people tend to give up on their diet because the foods that you are allowed to eat are too limited. Second, this is not about skipping meals. You only need to create the right balance between the amount of carbohydrates and other nutrients in every meal. Third, you can lose weight in a more healthy way. One to two pounds off your weight per week is the healthy way of slimming down. That way, your body would not have to handle drastic changes that can also lead to harmful effects.

The food lovers diet is not just all about losing weight. This will also be the key in making yourself much healthier. This program also includes an exercise regiment. The cardiovascular workout should help you burn more fat, enabling you to lose extra pounds off your body. You will also learn about strengthening exercise so that your body can perform better and your endurance will improve significantly too.Food Lover Diet Lose Weight

Focus on Green Veggies

A big part of the food lovers diet is focused on eating green vegetables. This is a good thing because it would not just make you lose weight but will also enhance your cardiovascular and digestive system. Ideally, it is recommended to eat green salad before you start with your well-balance main course. The logic behind this is to make you feel full so you can limit the amount of food that you eat. It is alright to stuff yourself up with vegetables because these are low in carbohydrates but high in fiber.

More Proteins and Less Carbohydrates

For your main course, it is okay to eat a little amount of carbohydrates. However, the most important nutrient that you should get is protein. This enables you to develop leaner and stronger muscles while getting rid of the extra fat. At the same time, proteins will make you feel full for a longer time so you would eat less often.

Burn Those Fat Through Exercise

The good thing about food lovers diet is that it encourages you to exercise so you would not easily gain back the weight that you will lose. The plan does not force you to sign up for a gym or go through rigorous workout plan. All it takes is to do simple cardio exercises like jogging, running or swimming, depending on your preference. To strengthen your body, you can also do some push ups, crunches, sit ups or squats.