Asian Grilled Chicken and Corn

Grilled Chicken and Corn

Asian Grilled Chicken and Corn is another grilled chicken recipe that is full of Asian flavors. This dish is easy to prepare and best served for lunch. You can use any type of grill when preparing this dish except for grill pans. Since chicken leg quarters are thick, it will … [Read more...]

Chicken Inasal Recipe


Chicken Inasal is a grilled chicken dish and one of the well known Ilonggo dishes. This is done by marinating chicken pieces in a unique blend of spices and grilling them until done. Sounds like a simple grilled chicken recipe, isn’t it? Well, it might sound like one; however, … [Read more...]

Grilled Chicken with Mandarin Salad

Grilled Chicken

I was thinking of what to prepare for dinner last night while doing the groceries. The fresh chicken breast caught my attention and the light bulb in my head immediately lit-up. Grilling the chicken is the thing that I have in mind and the only challenge left is to have a unique … [Read more...]