Sweet Potato Pie Recipe

Sweet Potato Pie

Craving for something tasty and comforting? You’re in luck. I recently made myself a very lovely Sweet Potato Pie. This is how I reward myself after working long hours on my day job. Care for a slice? You will see the details on the Sweet Potato Pie Recipe below. Sweet Potato Pie is a comfort food … [Read more...]



Hardinera is a famous meatloaf dish that originated in Quezon Province. This is considered as a special dish and is often served only in special occasions such as town fiestas and other important gatherings. Some say that cost of ingredients and tedious preparation method were some of the … [Read more...]



Meatloaf is a dish made from ground meat (usually combined ground beef and pork) and formed into a loaf. Aside from the meat, different vegetables and spices are added to provide additional flavor. This dish is typically baked but slow cooker and microwave oven are sometimes used. Almost all the … [Read more...]