Grilled Chicken with Mandarin Salad

I was thinking of what to prepare for dinner last night while doing the groceries. The fresh chicken breast caught my attention and the light bulb in my head immediately lit-up. Grilling the chicken is the thing that I have in mind and the only challenge left is to have a unique salad idea to compliment the chicken.

Based on experience, I had 2 facts about Grilled Chicken that I used as a basis in selecting the salad ingredients.

1. It goes well with fruits
2. It easily absorbs sauce.

It just happened that I am passing by the canned fruit isle and mandarin orange segments were the first ones that I saw. Since Mandarin orange is a fruit and it contains juice, it can be a perfect candidate. Grilled red bell pepper is the next ingredient to have but I settled on bottled grilled sweet pepper because bell peppers (capsicum) are so expensive at this time (I wonder why). I also got some shallots and parsley for additional spice and aroma.

After tossing the salad ingredients, I scooped a spoonful to judge the taste. I never expected the concoction to taste that good. I was really amazed.

Try this out and let me know what you think. Continue reading Grilled Chicken with Mandarin Salad