Halo-halo is a famous dessert in the Philippines. It is composed of various ingredients that are all mixed together, along with shaved ice and evaporated milk.

Some of he common ingredient used to make Halo-halo are sugar palm (kaong), boiled kidney beans, flat rice crisps (pinipig), coconut gel (nata de coco), ripe jackfruit, colored gelatin, tapioca pearls, sweetened plantains, and macapuno.

The ingredients are placed in a tall glass with a few teaspoons of sugar. Shaved ice is added after all the components are in place. Special Halo-halo is topped with leche flan and ube halaya — sometimes ice cream is added. Evaporated milk is poured on top for the finale.

Halo-halo is eaten using a spoon. Before eating, all the ingredients need to be distributed evenly . This is done by gently stirring the mixture using the spoon. It is quite challenging at first because the shaved ice gets on the way. Stirring eventually becomes easier when the ice starts to melt.

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The name Halo-halo was derived from the Filipino word “halo”, which means “to mix”. It is pretty much obvious how this delightful dessert got its name.

This dessert is very popular during summer. Vendors often sell Halo-halo in the side-streets. The ingredients are kept in glass jars and placed on top of a small wooden or plastic table.

There are also restaurants and fast food establishments that made Halo-halo part of their menu. Chowking, a famous fast food restaurant, offers this dessert whole year round. My favorite Halo-halo is definitely from Razon’s. The Halo-halo that these guys make are irresistible.

I have not eaten Halo-halo for years. The last time I had Halo-halo from the stalls was 6 years back. It was sold for Php 10.00 per glass. I wonder how much is a glass of Halo-halo today. Do you have an idea?

Aside from the places that I mentioned, do you know other restaurants that serve good Halo-halo?

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6 thoughts on “Halo-halo”

  1. Hi thanks 4 ur page it is recommended by my pinay friend who resides in UK. Razon’s halo halo costs 59 pesos here in Mindanao( I tried it when I strolled @ the mall last week ) It is best paired with their Fresh Big Lumpia worth 50ph

  2. Definitely Razon’s,it’s so simple probably just 3 or 4 ingredients(aside from the milk and ice).Binalik balikan ko when I went home.Do you know an ice shaver that can replicate that kind of ice texture?I have one pero ang lalaki ng butil ng ice.Thanks!Post more recipes!

  3. They say iceberg serves best too since they mix 20 ingredients.
    Max delivered huge servings.good for barkada.
    But since am kpampangan,nothing compares to razons.
    The best

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