Chicken Kare Kare Recipe

Chicken kare kare is a type Filipino chicken stew. It is cooked in a rich reddish peanut sauce. It makes use of vegetables such as eggplant, snake beans, and bok choy as ingredients. The peanut sauce is traditionally made from ground peanuts. This recipe suggests a time-saver ingredient in the form of peanut butter. I…

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pork menudo

How to Cook Pork Menudo – Filipino Recipe

The Pork Menudo recipe that I am featuring today is the Filipino version. It is a type of pork stew cooked in a tomato based sauce. The basic way of cooking this dish involves fatty cuts of pork such as shoulder, butt, or belly. It also makes use of pig liver and vegetables such as…

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Panlasang Pinoy Filipino Recipes Online

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