Filipino Fruit Salad

Pinoy Fruit Salad Recipe

Pinoy Fruit Salad is a quick and easy dessert perfect for the warm weather. This dish makes use of … [Read More...]

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Fried Embutido-3

Fried Embutido Recipe

Fried Embutido is another way to make your delicious embutido taste better. This recipe is applicable to both pork embutido, chicken embutido, and even turkey embutido. This is one of my favorite ways to enjoy my favorite Filipino Meatloaf.   Making fried embutido is easy and very straightforward. However, you will need to cook the […]

Bagnet Recipe-2

Bagnet Recipe

Bagnet is a deep fried crispy pork belly dish that is similar to lechon kawali. It originated from Ilocos and is considered to be a top favorite among Filipinos. This is best served bagoong monamon. it is a dip made of fermented anchovies. I like my bagnet to be as crispy as possible. Double frying is the […]

Filipino Skewered Pork BBQ-3

Skewered Filipino Pork BBQ

Skewered Filipino Pork BBQ or simply pork barbecue are skewered marinated pork sliced. These are grilled until the pork is cooked and it is also being basted during the process to add flavor and keep the meat moist. Pork barbecue are better if marinated overnight. This gives the dish extra flavor that makes it more enjoyable […]

Saging con Hielo Recipe

Saging con Hielo Recipe

Saging con Hielo is a simple dessert that I like to have during summertime. It is simply “minatamis na saging” (banana with caramel sauce) topped with shaved ice and milk. It is quick and easy to make saging con hielo. You will just need to cook the banana in caramel sauce making sure that it […]

Tuna Macaroni Casserole

Tuna Alfredo Casserole

Tuna Alfredo Casserole is a good tasting comfort food that you can make anytime you wish. It is simple to prepare and can easily be made even by beginners. This Tuna Alfredo Casserole makes use of canned tuna and macaroni noodles. You can use either the canned tuna in water or the ones in oil. […]

Beef with Mushroom and Snow Peas-2

Asian Beef with Mushroom

Asian Beef with Mushroom is an easy beef stir fry dish that takes less than 3o minutes to prepare. This is best for those of you who want to enjoy good food even if there is a limited time to spare.  Have it with rice or top it over egg noodles — the choice is yours. I […]

Easy Callos Recipe

Easy Callos Recipe

Beef Tripe tastes great when cooked properly and mixed with the right ingredients. This Easy Callos Recipe is a good example, aside from Kare-kare. I like this recipe because it is straightforward and makes use of ingredients that we can easily find in the supermarket. I started out by cleaning the beef tripe. I did […]

Simple Lo Mein Recipe

Simple Lo Mein

Simple Lo Mein is  what I call this vegetable lo mein recipe because it is really simple to make and it also tastes delicious. Imagine a delicious noodle dish that you can make in less than 30 minutes, it doesn’t get better than this. I use dried egg noodles for this recipe, instead of fresh ones […]