Bam-I Recipe

Bam-I is type of noodle dish that originated from Cebu. Aside from being a popular tourist destination because of its beautiful shoreline and history, Cebu is also famous for serving fresh seafood and the best version of Lechong Baboy (roasted pig) in the country. Although I did not come from Cebu, I was already enjoying Bam-I when I was a kid. I Grew-up in a subdivision within Metro Manila with neighbors coming from different cultural background. It was an advantage because I get to know about their culture while enjoying the different regional dishes that they prepare. Bam-I might have the same ingredients with other noodle dishes like Pancit Canton, Pancit Bihon, and Sotanghon Guisado, but the combination of flour sticks and vermicelli noodles makes this noodle dish unique. If I were to describe it, I will say that Bam-I is a combination of Pancit Canton and Sotanghon Guisado with a twist. I am trying to research on the history of this noodle dish; I wanted to know why it was named such, but I was not able to come-up with anything, yet.

I am hoping that our good Cebuano friends who frequently visit Panlasang Pinoy can share their idea. How did Bam-I came about and where was the name derived from?

I suggest that you try this Bam-I recipe while we are waiting for answers. You will definitely enjoy this dish. Continue reading Bam-I Recipe