Health Benefits of Malunggay

Malunggay is also commonly referred to as moringa leaves or drumstick tree because of its long and slender tree. The health benefits of malunggay are well known not just in Asia and Africa but also in other countries across the globe. True enough, this would not be called as the ‘Miracle Tree’ for no reason at all, right? All parts of the moringa tree such as the leaves, pods, flowers, fruits, barks and roots can be used.

The health benefits of malunggay are primarily attributed to the impressive amount of vitamins and minerals that it contains; according to studies, this has more than 90 nutrients; it is also packed with 46 different antioxidants and 8 essential amino acids. Interestingly, because of the rich component of malunggay, it is also known to be capable of curing more than 300 health related concerns.

Health Benefits of Malunggay

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Rich in Viatamin A

Malunggay is rich in Vitamin A. This can easily beat the amount which can be obtained from regularly eating carrots. Aside from helping in eyesight improvement, this could also do wonders when it comes to enhancing the skin appearance. Other vitamins that it contains include Vitamin B, C, D and E. Hence, among the health benefits of malunggay include strengthening of immune system, better calcium absorption and improved motor skills.

High in Protein

When it comes to getting sufficient amount of protein, the usual solution is to increase intake of milk or lean meat, right? Surprisingly, one of the main health benefits of malunggay is its capacity to supply the level of protein that is needed by the body daily.

Improves Blood Circulation

The high amount of iron in the leaves makes it really helpful in improving blood circulation within the body. For people who have cuts, bruises and burns, its anti-inflammatory components help a lot too. Those who need to boost the performance of their circulatory system can also rely on the malunggay leaves. Even people who are suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure should add this leaves on their diet. It effectively lowers sugar level and regulates blood pressure, all through a natural process.

Can Increase Breast Milk Production

For mothers who just gave birth, the moringa leaves can also be helpful in maintaining the health of both the mom and the baby. The leaves can increase production of breast milk and ensures that the mother receives the nutrients that she needs. Aside from that, it also helps in preventing constipation, stomach spasms and indigestion that can affect the baby.

Other Benefits

The malunggay leaves can also be beneficial for people who are aiming for weight loss. The amount of fiber it has can contribute in detoxification. It also helps in controlling appetite. The best part is that malunggay can boost one’s energy level which leads to becoming more active every single day. Hence, it would be easier to burn stored fat and the calories which come from each meal.

Even if malunggay or moringa is commonly cultivated in Asia and Africa, there are many ways on how to be able to add this to the daily diet. One popular option is the malunggay tea which is the most preferred by people who would like to regulate their high blood pressure and diabetes. There are also herbal capsules which can be taken daily to be able to enjoy the health benefits of malunggay.

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