Sardines with Misua and Patola Recipe

Sardines with Misua and Patola or simply -- Misua Soup -- is a regular soup dish made from thin flour noodles, sardines, and luffa. The thin flour noodles are known as misua in the Philippines. The sardines refer to canned sardines in tomato sauce, while luffa is a type of vegetable; it is known as Patola in Filipino. I am featuring this recipe because I grew-up enjoying this … [Read more...]

Sardines with Misua Recipe

One quick and easy soup recipe is Sardines with Misua. This recipe converts canned Sardines (or Mackerel) in tomato sauce into a simple but flavorful soup dish.Misua are thin flour noodles that are usually added to soups. Almondigas (or Misua with patola soup) is a good example of a soup dish that uses Misua. In this recipe, you can use any brand of sardines as long as it is … [Read more...]