14 Reasons Why You Should Drink Beer

“Too much of a good thing is a bad thing”. You might have heard of this cliché over and over – but does it make sense to you? People have the tendency to over indulge in things that they enjoy doing to the point that it becomes harmful rather than beneficial.


Drinking beer is one of the things that some of us enjoy. Drinking too much of it has been attributed to several negative outcomes that gave beer a bad image. Have you ever thought of looking at the other side of drinking beer?

Drinking beer in moderation has some positive effects too. Wait! Don’t grab a bottle yet. Allow me to first define what moderation means to be sure that all of us are in the same track. Consuming 2 regular bottles of beer a day for men and a regular bottle a day for women is the kind of moderation that I am talking about.

Here are the reasons why you should drink beer in moderation:

1. Beer reduces the risk of having Coronary Artery Disease.
2. Beer is good for male potency.
3. Beer contains anti-oxidants.
4. Beer reduces the possibility of having blood clots.
5. Beer reduces the risk of developing kidney stones.
6. Beer softens the skin and lets it glow.
7. Beer relaxes the muscles and helps remove fatigue.
8. Beer boosts mental activity.
9. Beer strengthens bones.
10. Beer promotes the development of hemoglobin.(Hemoglobin makes the blood red)
11. Beer promotes romance.
12. Beer boosts self confidence.
13. Beer lowers bad cholesterol.
14. Ice cold beer tastes great.

Drinking beer can be very enjoyable especially if you are with your friends. Try your best to control yourself and drink moderately. If in case you drank more than what you can handle, don’t drive or operate any machinery. Try to be responsible in all your actions by planning ahead of time.

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Are there more reasons that you want to add?


  1. Ca says

    beer is good in a small frequent amount not necessarily good for the health…its has a bad effects also in our health like it increases our BP and the same time.. we can develop diabetes,,, ryt boss??…=D

  2. kaizz says

    how about non-alcoholic beer? does it have the same beneficial effect?

  3. gene guzman says

    Beer also helps brake the ice, literally and all. Have you ever had a beer with your boss? Wow… you’ll be amazed how it make wonders in your workplace and with the pay raise and promotion that you will get. A lot of people think that playing golf with your boss or business partner (if you are the boss)makes you closer to that deal/rapport of a life time but since golf is closely associated with beer drinking… Most probably, it is the beer that makes that magic. (“,)

    • gene guzman says

      I mean break not brake… lol I think I had too much beer tonight myself… hahahaha

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